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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

PMQs: Summary + Vids

While waiting for PMQs I had the misfortune to catch snippets of Scotland Questions.  Michael Moore, the Sec of State for Scotland, was asked about the effects of yesterday's Scotland Bill vis-a-vis 'the UK government' and replied: "It will secure the future of Scotland within the United Kingdom."

What does that mean?  What 'United Kingdom' would that be?  Does he mean the disunited one where Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland have their own governments/parliaments and England has bugger all?  Oh, do fuck off, the lot of you.

Here's PMQs, another round of 'Would my Honourable Friend agree with me?'

The first question came from Margaret Curran, Lab, Glasgow East regarding tuition fees.  Caroline Dinenage, Con, Gosport had the second, about progress in securing the World Cup for England.

Miliband:  Clegg's important business in Kazakhstan, OBR, unemployment, rise in VAT, economy.  "But, but, but Mr Speaker..."  Miliband has definitely caught one of Brown's afflictions.

Right-on Labour benches wearing red lapel ribbons, LibServatives none (World Aids Day).  Johnson sat huddled & crumpled,  muttering to himself like a reject from an old folks' home.  Handbags drawn - mini-chaos ensued when Miliband said you can only re-write history once.  Bercow intervened.  Miliband is still throwing the contents of his slop bucket into the wind.  Cameron had his backbenchers in order paper-waving mood.  Complacent.

Did your MP ask a question?

Tobias Ellwood, Con, Bournemouth East:  Lindsay Roy, Lab Glenrothes; Philip Hollobone, Con, Kettering;  Louise Ellman, Lab Co-op, Liverpool Riverside;  Tom Brake, Libdem, Carshalton & Wallington;  Steve Rotherham, Lab, Walton;  Stephen Mosley, Con, City of Chester;  Lisa Nandy, Lab, Wigan;  David TC Davis, Con, Monmouth;  Ian Paisley DUP, North Antrim;  Richard Fuller, Con, Bedford;  Gerry Sutcliffe, Lab, Bradford South;  Graham Evans, Con, Weaver Vale;  Tony Lloyd, Lab, Manchester Central;  Christ Heaton-Harris, Con, Daventry;  Andrew Gwynne, Lab, Denton & Reddish;  Stephen Williams, LibDem, Bristol West;  Grahame M Morris, Lab, Easington;  Priti Patel, Con, Witham;  Eric Joyce, Lab, Falkirk;  Bob Russell, LibDem Colchester;  Caroline Lucas, Green, Brighton Pavilion;  Daniel Kawczynski, Con, Shrewsbury & Atcham.

Topics Raised:
Compensation for British victims of terror attacks overseas;  govt spending demonstrates lost touch with reality; foreign nationals in British jails;  tuition fees/cutting funding to unis;  [missed this one]; a dig at Clegg about sat navs and tuition fees; setting up academies; gangmasters' licensing bill;  paralympics in 2012; Ballymena's city status;  Opposition demands to scale back repayment of govt debt;  school sports funding; hi-speed 2 rail link;  regeneration of Collyhurst, Manchester; Unite and transport strikes; treatment of thrombosis in the NHS;  World Aids Day;  children in leg-irons in Israeli jails;  Human Rights Act giving rights to criminals not victims;  Barnett formula;  war widows' pensions;  Cancun/agw needs more money; treatment of farmers by supermarkets.

Cameron - Miliband:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks to LiarPoliticians2 for the videos.



  1. I must admit I enjoyed Cameron giving Ned a shoeing in the closing moments.

  2. I think I'm past caring at the moment, TT. I've listened to their lies and puffed-up arrogance for so long I'm growing weary of it :-(

  3. Harriet is having a bloated menopause by the looks of it.


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