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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

PMQs: Summary + Videos

This is the last one-horse, one-party  race before Christmas but the House wasn't as boisterous as I'd expected.   I'd thought there might be an element of end-of-term fever sweeping the benches but they were just the same as always.

Miliband's questions ranged over a wide area.  He questioned the increase of 35,000 to the unemployment figures, the rise in VAT and cuts of £20bn.  He also asked about real-term increases in spending on health and the Health Services Committee which has said commitments 'will not be met'.   Educational Maintenance Allowances were also on his hitlist.  It all added up to a list of broken promises, with his backbenchers joining in in true pantomime fashion.  I'm only surprised the LibServatives didn't counter with, "Oh, no we didn't!"

One or two things stood out this week: the headless female MP sitting behind a pensive and blinking Harman must have been reading the current crop of articles debating whether women should show their cleavage at work or not.   She'd obviously decided in favour  because I don't think I've seen anything so low-cut in the House before.  It was also notable for only one intervention from Squeaker Bercow.  Oh, and Clegg was there too, not that you'd have noticed although he did attempt a half-smile this week; he's never looked comfortable on the front bench.

MPs who asked questions:
Heidi   Alexander, Lab, Lewisham East;  Mark Reckless, Con, Rochester & Strood;  Iain Stewart, Con, Milton Keynes South,  Joan Ruddock, Labour, Lewisham Deptford  Nadhim Zahawi, Con, Stratford-on-Avon;   John McDonell,  Labour, Hayes & Harlington;  Edward Leigh, Con, Gainsborough;   David Lammy, Labour, Tottenham; Malcom Bruce, LibDem, Gordon;  David Hamilton, Lab, Midlothian;  Mary MacLeod, Con, Brentford & Isleworth;   Ronnie Campbell, Lab, Blythe Valley;  Anne McIntosh, Con, Thirsk & Malton;  Chris Ruane, Lab, Vale of Clwyd;   Andrew Bridgen, Con, North West Leicestershire;  Alasdair McDonnell, SDLP, Belfast South; Sajid Javed, Con, Bromsgrove; Hugh Bayley, Con, York Central;  Mike Freer, Con, Finchley & Golders Green;  John Baron, Lab, Billericay & Basildon;  Andrea Leadsom, Con, South Northamptonshire;  Alison McGovern, Lab, Wirral South;  Robert Halfon, Con, Harlow.

Topics raised:
[Sorry, I missed the first question from Alexander];  EU loan to Ireland - interest rate/profiteering;  fund-raising for Bletchley Park/Alan Turing papers;  unemployment at 7.3% in Lewisham Deptford;   cancer survival rates;  children of asylum seekers in detention centres; Merlin helicopter transfer;  keeping Tottenham FC at Tottenham;  postal services in the snow;  postal services in the snow (2);  paying tribute to the Gurkhas;  unclear question to do with tuition fees & working people;  NHS bureaucracy;  'unseemly haste' of Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election; one-in, one-out rule; funding for N.Ireland; honouring Mercian Regiment;  EMA at York Uni/child poverty;  Auschwitz-Birkenau Commemmoration Fund;  Arundell;  Hi-Speed Rail link;  EMA,  exporting extreme islam.

All followed by a Ten-Minute Rule Motion from Nadhim Zahawi when he proposed introducing a Bill to make St George's Day and St David's Day national Bank Holidays from 2012.

Cameron - Miliband

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks to  LiarPoliticians2 for the videos.


  1. Clegg and Clarke look like they are totally fcuked off....... and so they effing should, the cnuts!

  2. Neither of them are very popular at the moment are they - and look at the still of Clarke on vid.3 - fat & grumpy - all those subsidised restaurant meals and claret in the House bars.


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