"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Shame Of The BBC

I don't know,when you get to a certain age I think there can be a tendency to think you've seen and heard it all before.  Well, here's the news anchor Ben Brown of the BBC, that well-known, completely independent public service broadcasting station, proving everybody wrong.

"You haven't made a complaint, why not, it's been a few days?"
"Were you rolling your wheelchair towards the police?"
"So you were not wheeling yourself towards the police?"
"Are you a revolutionary?"
"Were you shouting anything?"
"Were you throwing anything?"
"You do say you're a revolutionary."

Not only did Brown dig deep into the depths of his impartial journalistic integrity to ask those incisive questions he also interrupted Jody McIntyre on a few occasions, notably when McIntyre spoke about
Alfie Meadows and again when the BBC's reporting of 'Palestine' was mentioned.  Considering the vacuity of the questioning McIntyre made his point very well:

RantinRab has the original YouTube footage of the police pulling McIntyre out of his wheelchair.

UPDATE: Who's been a busy boy, then? YouTube. No wonder he was known to the police, but the officer really should have had the brains to realise the escalation his actions would cause.


  1. it's getting worse. Did anyone catch that Chessum fella being screwed by Bbbcnews24.

    he held his own i think. BBC need a lesson of some sort to remind them that they work for us.

  2. A longer version of that vid includes conversation by or with the cameraman to the effect
    "See that guy in the wheelchair? He's a f*cking hardcase he is, a real f*cking hardnut him" in very approving tones.

  3. Thanks for the link, VotS. I watched it but the level of interviewing is higher than Brown's in the clip above. I'm glad that students are becoming more politically aware - they've been fed an educational diet of leftist dogma for the past 13yrs so it's a question of grow up and welcome to the real world.

    The students need to sort out who their 'friends' are - they can't blame the Conservatives for the policy, they've watered down the Browne Review proposals to accommodate the LibDems. The Browne Review was commissioned by the previous Labour govt.

    The students don't seem to understand who or what they're fighting for. How about the fact that English students will pay up to £9k pa but not Scottish, Welsh, EU? Now that's a constitutional affront worth fighting for (but leave your SWP/UAF/anarchist friends at home next time).

  4. Thanks, Banned, I watched it at Rab's place yesterday (and posted a link to it in the body of the post). I couldn't make out all that was being said but it seemed to be something along those lines. McIntyre obviously has a bit of a reputation amongst his friends but that doesn't excuse the behaviour of the two policemen who've done the Met no favours. All they've done is make the situation worse.

    It's being reported that students are going to kettle Scotland Yard and as long as it's non-violent I don't think that's a bad thing. Kettling is wrong. Peaceful demonstrations must be allowed, which is why it's important hard-core anarchists are excluded as far as possible. Those are the ones the police should be concentrating on.

  5. "hard-core anarchists " were often placed by Hitler's gang to deliberately stir protesters and then make the draconian response look appropriate and give Government the chance to appear the victim. A double bluff likely to fail in this Internet age. Still, May seemed to get off on how well the Police handled the demos. I think not, Madame. (as in Brothel keeper of the HoC)

  6. Apologies in advance for the long waffle yet I fume whenever I see these political agitators, worse when a Beeb one is interviewing a Joe Public one. Surprised that it isn't the usual love-in yet I do remember seeing said interviewer in the thick of it, so personal experiences of a bitter day among the leftarded useful-idiots.

    Equal opportunities eh? Alright when it involves free stuff and ramps but God forbid having to suffer from a Police force with counter-Millwall tendencies.

    On a serious note, he has cerebral palsy, correct? If so, what was his family and friends thinking of allowing him to a mass protest? Should have stuck to the cyber-war tbh. The people around him should have known better than to take a severely disabled man to a protest. Especially judging by the events of previous ones.

    All these Demon-Stators should thank their lucky stars they weren't shot.

    Sure it is lamentable what has happened, especially to Alfie but it could have been a lot worse. Imagine if the Treasury burned down, Camilla injured or Parliament stormed, the autocrats would rub their hands with glee at the greatest excuse for dictatorship: Chaos.

    And many mass gatherings, be it a hip-hop event, footie match or wedding where two tribes go to war, there is always the element of something going pear-shaped.

    C'est la vie.

    What I find amusing, is that these leftards and students screaming at the mistreatment of theirs', were probably revelling when the Countryside Alliance got theirs'.

    In the age of email, is there even any need to protest on the streets? Imagine if that million who marched against the Iraq Invasion had instead sent 1 million emails to every MP, Lord, Civil Servant and Official with a simple statement of NO. All for less than the cost of a stamp considering electrical costs.

    Instead, we gather and we march, the police get paid extra and have a little bit of exercise and we end up with a sore head. Worse still, polichickens can act brave in front of their peers.

    Problem with democracy is you can't please everyone, and worse yet, some social-economic groups are more 'problematic' than others.

    The reason I do not agree with these 'protests' is their (and I use the term loosely, cos face it, every nutjob who likes a ruck probably went, sod the ideology, anything for a day out) 'ideas' for financing Uni.

    From abandoning our Nuclear Deterrent, trading more of our Sovereignty to 'special interests' or other banal eating-the-rich scorched earth schemes. In other words, more State intervention.

    Bailing out the Banks has set a very dangerous precedent. Very dangerous indeed.

    Now, of course I do not condone Police violence, yet I do understand the need for it. Have you ever asked a hundred strong mob to stand back?

    Personally I find the most effective way for a civvie is to be waving a menacing weapon such as a Samurai Katana sword, although the filth have a little blunt baton that yes, does hurt but surely it's better than my Oriental sword (I know, not very xenophobic of me)?

    Anyway, I digress, as much as I hate Authouratah', I cannot stand history being spat upon by commie/socialist/anarchist/Fabians-inspired leftards while waving flags that represent an ideology that has murdered over 100m people, spoken as if done in the name of equality yet in reality, done to empower the State while dis-empowering the individual.

  7. True enough, OR - there are two big headlines at the moment - Wikileaks and the students. Both have potential for great impact on all our lives if things get out of hand - internet censorship and more draconian laws. I sometimes despair at the comments in, eg, the DM - people calling for water cannon, capital punishment, sharia law. It beggars belief.

  8. That's brilliant, Jack. It should be a post in its own right. I don't think there's anything I disagree with.

  9. http://order-order.com/2010/12/14/wheels-come-off-protesters-complaint/

    Wheels Come Off Protester’s Complaint

    Jody Macinytre, radical pro-Palestine supporter and sufferer from cerebral palsy has made much hay of the fact he was dragged out of his wheelchair by riot police at Thursday’s protests. Yet he has previously admitted to be coordinating breaking police lines. He claims on his blog he is a revolutionary yet spent a BBC interview declaring his innocence and denied live on Sky that he was in fact a revolutionary before going on to claim that the police had no reason to move him out of the way. However he has revelled in, and incited, violence on his website.

    His argument is undone when a quick glance at his blog shows that he has been at the forefront of the protests so far at Westminster and managed to walk all the way up to the top of Millbank back in November, blogging that “It was an epic mission to the top. Nine floors; eighteen flights of stairs. Two friends carried my wheelchair, and I walked.” Macintyre can’t hide behind his disability when the police treat him like any other violent trespassing thug. It’s called equality…

    Hat-Tip : Phil Taylor

    UPDATE: Further pictorial evidence emerges of the police being as gentle as possible in moving Macintyre and in doing so the officers put themselves in personal danger from the hail of missiles. Here is a quote from Graham Mitchell the photographer “Mr McIntyre was in the front row of the crowd and in a very precarious position, especially as he is wheelchair bound. It was clear from my vantage point that the police moved him as gently as possible and in doing so the officers put themselves in personal danger from the hail of missiles. Once he had been moved away from the front line to a safe distance, the officers sat him on a low level wall. Mr McIntyre got up and started arguing with an officer. He was so wound up that he eventually tried to strike an officer and was only stopped from doing this due to the intervention of a famale passer-by.”

  10. Thanks, Defender. McIntyre is known to the police - he's been an activist for years and has spoken abroad - he's a bit of a celebrity on the 'cyber-activist' circuit. As for the policeman 'being gentle' - it certainly doesn't look that way on the videos above and on YouTube. All it's done is raise the temperature.

    My problem with Brown & the BBC was the quality of the dumb questioning - it got them nowhere but McIntyre came across very well.


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