"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 3 December 2010

Today's Good News

Chaytor has pleaded guilty and Woolas has lost his appeal.

Pleading guilty to three counts of theft by false accounting means that Chaytor will have a reduction in any jail term passed on him. The fact that he was an MP will be taken into account as well - no-one honestly believes he'll have anything more than a ticking off and a slap on the wrist.  Let's hope he's the first of many MPs to face the courts, only three others that I can recall are in the firing line at the moment,  Morley, Devine & Cohen, and it's not enough.

As for Woolas, a nasty specimen, he should never be allowed in public office again.  A date will now be set for a by-election in Oldham East & Saddleworth and it will be interesting to see how the LibDems and Conservatives handle electioneering.

Here's the latest on the MPs' attack on IPSA with a sentence which reveals a great deal about MPs' priorities:  "The packed session lasted five times longer than the most recent debate on the conflict in Afghanistan."

The Guardian has the best breakdown of expenses claimed between May & August this year.


  1. I see we chose the same subject GV. You reckon he'll not go down?

    The trouble is that I think the British public will only take so much of these people getting away with what THEY would go to prison for.

    lords who are only accountable for their thieving to the House authorities and MPs who fiddled like Nero, and got a ticking off and told to pay it back, while people who made false social security claims are find, given community service or sent to jail.

    One of these days there will be an explosion of anger... and this is about the right time for it with nick Cameron and David Clegg wreaking misery all around the land to pay back what Fred Goodwin and his merry mates peed up against the wall.

  2. Good news about Cheater indeed; I think it was the Telegraph that told me he faces "up to 8 years in prison" but I doubt it. Medieval Kings were in the habit of not executing fellow Kings when captured out of fear of starting a trend, likewise those of the great and the good will look after each other.

    Thanks for being the one to bring me the further good news about Woolas.

  3. I'd be pleasantly surprised, Tris, if the man got what he deserved. One paper says he could get 7yrs and another 18 months - I don't think he'll get anywhere near that. Already the excuses are coming out - honest mistake, protecting daughter, paid most of it back etc. agreed about the anger of the people but well, it's a bit cold and there's the Christmas shopping to do ... ...

    Depending which press report you read, Banned, he's either being prosecuted as a warning to other MPs or as a sop to we 'small people'. Either way, there are plenty more MPs who should be in court. I've read that there's pressure for those who cheated but paid back on condition of anonymity to be named.

    As for Woolas, let's hope he slinks into obscurity now and we don't see him too often on tv sofas and politics shows.

  4. He'll probably get 6 months in an open prison with tv, settee and drinks cabinet.

    You know, the kind they sent the Noble lord Baron Archer, may blessings be upon him, and Carol Thatcher's ex, Jonathan Aitken.

    The prison governor will have to bow to him and call him Your Honourableness.

    I hope they do that. People are getting sick of it and it's time for a revolution here. The trouble with us missing out when half of Europe was having theirs is that we still have these idiotic class divisions.

    All these excuses; false invoices and house flippings aren'teven DIDhonest mistakes. They show that the guy had decided over a very long period to steal every last penny he could, but whatever means he could.

    7 years isn't half long enough.

  5. No, it wouldn't be long enough but the law doesn't seem to work on common sense principles these days. He probably went to school with the judge and all the pre-trial excuses his defence team are now coming up with will mean a reduced sentence.

    If there are reasonable grounds to think he did it delliberately he should have the book thrown at him. The other excuse is 'I didn't know' - well ignorance of the law is not and never has been an excuse for committing a criminal act and it shouldn't be uszed in mitigation.

    The open prison you describe sounds quite inviting - I wonder if they can book me in for two weeks over Christmas/New Year?

  6. Hum... I think you can't really be making a mistake over forged invoices for work you must have known you didn't have carried out...

    Now, as to whether you can be admitted to the open prison... Can you please answer the following admission rights questions.

    1) Are you, or have you ever been a member of the aristocracy?
    2) Have you ever enjoyed close relations with a member of the Thatcher family?
    3) Have you got a trusty sword of justice?
    4) Can you afford generous erm “tips” to all and sundry prison staff?
    5) Have you ever written a tedious, low brow novel?
    6) Do you have your own driver to take you home for weekend visits, and on these visits are you likely to dine at the home of any Cabinet Ministers?
    7) Are you in possession of a multi million fortune (judges aren’t cheap)?


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