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Thursday, 2 December 2010

WHEDFU? blah blah

And so to another post in the long-running series. I'm not coming across as many self-incriminating EU.pdfs as I used to - probably because I'm not actively searching any more. It's all out there now for anyone with ears to hear. The game changed with Lisbon, as we knew it would. Once that was out they had to hurry things and weren't so able to evade scrutiny; they made little mistakes as people in a hurry often do.

Here's the latest stinking pile of you-know-what from Brussels:

Open Europe has published a briefing calling for the proposed EU referendum lock to be tightened up. They propose that Ministers seek the approval of Parliament before signing up to any EU laws in justice and home affairs. They say that, in its present format, the European Union Bill is a 'missed opportunity to improve democratic control over the day-to-day transfer of crime, policing and immigration powers from the UK to the EU'. No surprises there - everything is window-dressing.

Open Europe is a think tank which believes 'in Europe but not ruled by Europe' but, for all that, their briefings are factual and unbiased.
Currently, Parliament, as a whole, very rarely plays a role in scrutinising the Government’s decisions to opt in to new EU proposals and has no power to stop the Government from doing so. However, through a series of simple amendments to the Government’s proposed Bill outlined in this paper, the Government could be required to seek Parliamentary approval before signing up to EU justice and home affairs laws.

This would, for the first time, give Parliament, and voters, a real democratic check on the extension of the EU’s powers and undo some of the damage done to national democracy caused by the Lisbon Treaty.
Misuse of structural funds, the mafia, corruption & downright stupidity:  Giving cash to Honeywell, EDS & Dassault, Coca-Cola & IBM.  Bet that makes us all feel better now, knowing we're funding weapons-makers via the EU.  Taxpayers' pockets are full of holes and the cash flows in constant streams and from all angles to these multi-nat corporations.  We must be the biggest mugs around.  Plus, if you read that article, you'll see that EU functionaries just talk a load of meaningless tripe when defending their policies. English collaborators should be ashamed of themselves for taking the EU's regional shilling and putting the people in hock to an illegal, foreign entity like this.

This is from the FT (registration required, no £)
"More than €3m in public funds, an estimated €1.5m of which have come from the European Union’s structural funds, have been allocated to tobacco companies, helping to equip cigarette factories and fund training projects.  The EU spends more than €16m ($21m) a year on its anti-smoking campaign." 
I think that says it all really.  We're totally mad to be in this bloody awful organisation.

Once again, Open Europe  has a top-class document: 'Fifty Examples of EU Waste'.  You really need a sense of humour to deal with this.  "€16,000 to Tyrolean farmers to boost their emotional connection with the landscape";  "€7.5m of EU funding for PR campaign for EU funding";  "Inspiring people to learn languages through “virtual” swimming";  " €1.6 million to the Swedish King to cover his financial losses"  ...  I can't go on - go and have a look yourselves.

Overhaul of VAT  I've mentioned before that a 'member state' can increase VAT without reference to the EU but in order to reduce it, it must have permission.  

EU licensing favours big pharma at the expense of the poorest - just like GM food which cross-contaminates and has an in-built terminator gene so farmers have to buy the seed each year, at whatever price is set, instead of harvesting their own.  I hate big agri/pharma but I hate Greensheeps too - rock = hard place.

The EU wants your car reg.no  EU-wide database coming soon, despite Cameron saying he opposes it.

Food industry to use their own labelling schemes and choose whether to show nutritional information on the front or back of a product's packaging. What's the f/cking point?

The ESF - FT (European Social Fucking Fund)  Yes, our Great British government does have one.  It enables companies to access EU funds to transfer jobs abroad.

I don't know why so few people care about politics.  I just don't understand anything any more.  The whole world is upside-down and instant karma's got me.


  1. Since when did any Government of the day retuen powers to Parliament (ie for scrutiny over its own lickspittle and quisling ever deeper subservience to the EU) when it does not have to?

  2. Yes, unless there's a huge b/bench revolt or the whips are called off I can't see the amendments going very far either. Still, good effort.


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