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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bercow Cut Down To Size

Paul Waugh has a wonderful story of a spat today between Mark Pritchard (Dep Chairman of the 1922 Committee) and Squeaker Bercow.
"It all started when Pritchard got to his feet towards the end of Business Questions. As he rose, the Tory backbencher was told by John Bercow that as he was not present for the beginning of Sir George Young's business statement, he could not ask a question.

Pritchard was furious because he actually had been present for the start of the session at 11.30am and had been seated between Des Swaine and Peter Bone. However, he left the chamber for five minutes to go to the loo between noon and 12.05, before returning.

To register his anger at not being allowed to ask a question, Pritchard immediately wrote a letter of complaint, explaining why the Speaker was wrong (including the toilet break). He went to the Speaker's office to submit the letter.

But, several minutes later, on walking back along the corridor behind the Speaker's chair, the Tory MP then encountered Mr Bercow walking towards him with his usual formal entourage.

The Speaker then stopped and pointed at Pritchard and said: "The courtesy of the House is that Honourable Members should stand aside when the Speaker passes by".

Pritchard was so outraged at this further slight that he replied: "Mr Speaker, don't point at me. I am not here to be abused by you."

Bercow countered: "You will obey the courtesies of the House!"

To which Pritchard replied with the immortal line: "You are not fucking royalty, Mr Speaker!"

Pritchard then walked off.

A beetroot-faced Speaker then tried to have the last line. He told a disappearing Pritchard: "Well..a good morning to you, Sir!"

Apparently, T-shirts with the phrase "You're not fucking royalty, Mr Speaker!" have already been printed."
I want one!

Full story HERE


  1. What a jumped up little Hitler! If he ever is in need of a new career, he'd make a perfect traffic warden; already has the darn attitude.

    An excellent retort though, sheer class. Not worth all that cash we pay em but still, nice to see they hate each-other as much as we hate them.

  2. "Cut down to size"? - there will be nothing of him left, there is little enough to start with.

  3. Traffic warden! That's perfect for him, Jack, if they can find a uniform to fit :-)

    Anon - glad you liked the joke - he's a pint-sized pipsqueak who's done nothing but make the role of Speaker a laughing stock. Shame on spiteful Labour MPs for making it all possible.


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