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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Cameron's Attitude Problem

Cameron is ramping up his rhetoric in defence of bankers' bonuses by using words like 'hammer' and 'revenge'.  He acknowledges that people are "rightly angry" about the enornous bonuses being paid out but that he'll do nothing about them and we'll just have to live with it.

Somehow in all this exaggerated talk he's missing the point.  It's the regulations and mechanisms by which banks operate that should be addressed, the bonuses are just a symptom.  So, while he may be right that increasing short-term taxes and one-off levies will do nothing to correct the fundamental problems in the long term, his language is all wrong.  By using such extreme language he just clouds matters and offers nothing substantial in its place.  There's no public discussion of splitting the banks or re-introducing something along the lines of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act; there's no talk of banks being allowed to fail and not be bailed out by taxpayers.  Maybe he's waiting to sign up to a new EU financial services directive.

He also implies that it's unusual for his government to go against the wishes of the people but that's patently untrue.  Since May the coalition has done nothing but ignore the wishes of the majority and there's certainly a great deal of disenchantment within the ranks of Conservative grassroots members.  One example is the introduction of the fuel duty stabiliser which now looks to be in doubt as the press begin to report 'fights' between the Treasury and No.10 with the Treasury saying it isn't an affordable option.

He's been quite happy to renege on pre-election pledges while increasing taxation, cutting public sector budgets and watching vindictive unions and local authorities attack front-line spending, cutting essential staff and services rather than the back-room boys and the multi-culti diversity staff.  He's continued with many of the previous government's unpopular policies and we've yet to see a rolling back of the State.  The man's a total loss and is just another in a long line of shallow politicians who say one thing and do another while wrapping themselves in a smokey, obtuse spin machine.

No hammering and no revenge


  1. The man's a total loss

    The man's a total toss

    Fixed. No thanks necessary.

  2. He sounds like BO. My condolences.

  3. Hard to gainsay other than he's brilliant compared to the previous lot.

  4. Thanks anon - it's amazing the difference one small letter can make.

    Hi Fuzzy, thank you, condolences accepted. There's a certain triangulation between Blair, Obama and Cameron - birds of a communitarian feather so I'm not surprised to see so many similarities in our countries' fortunes.

    I wish, OR - I suspect all Cameron's doing is taking us on what he thinks is the scenic route.


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