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Monday, 3 January 2011

The Greek Wall

It's been a strange sort of day, almost like a Sunday but busier. There doesn't seem to be very much happening that looks out of the ordinary except for this, which is definitely unusual:

Greece to erect 'anti-migrant' wall. The same story is corroborated by The Turkish Weekly

Plans are being made to build a 206km long wall along the land border with Turkey and the US/Mexico wall will be used as the model so presumably there'll be surveillance cameras, barbed wire and predator drones. The EU's Frontex is already there patrolling the borders, helping to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

I just feel uneasy about this - it doesn't sit right and there must be a better way - and there's always the question: is it keeping out or keeping in?  There's no official comment yet from the EU or the Turkish government.

There's one other item of interest, this time from France. The information emerged during the trial of eight men on terrorism charges in Paris. It's pointless me commenting on it - successive British governments have not only failed to get to grips with terrorists in our midst but have actively encouraged them with their soft, appeasing policies.

'British' Muslim terrorists offered safe houses in France.
British terrorists were regularly recruited and offered safe houses by French gangsters allegedly involved in the financing of Al Qaeda, a court heard today. The sinister links between Islamic radicals on both sides of the Channel came to light at the trial of eight men at the Paris Assizes. All are accused of carrying out post office raids and other robberies in order to raise funds to carry out terrorist atrocities across Europe.
..."Boukemiche learned such good English in prison in London that he no longer needed an interpreter when he got out. He built up numerous contacts among Al Qaeda networks in Britain and offered then a safe house close to his cafe in France." The terrorist case against Boukemiche was dropped in Britain following a £3million trial so as to protect the life of an undercover secret service agent in Algeria.

Finally, the sort of local story that irritates me no end: Bedfordshire Borough Council threatened a man with a £1k fine if he did not take down posters of his missing cat. It's fly-posting and environmental damage, apparently.


  1. "He built up numerous contacts among Al Qaeda networks in Britain..." - hmm, that sounds slightly worrying. Then they drop the case against him. Now I'm really worried.

  2. Looks like we are just 2000 or so years behind China in trying to keep out the barbarians. Problem is, they are already amongst us. So, how to throw them onto the appropriate side of the wall?

  3. At least Boukemiche, as a French Algerian, was deported, Ed. Hopefully the French legal system will see him locked up for life - there always seems to be a loophole in British justice for them to exploit. We can't seem to do anything about those with British citizenship though - al Qaeda or not.

    @ John, the concept of building walls to keep people out just seems so misplaced to me. 22yrs ago people across Europe celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall yet here's an EU country building a variant. It doesn't bode well for Turkish/Greek negotiations on Cyprus or Turkey's accession to the EU. Strange days.

  4. Okay this is going to sound stupid but I can't help myself so here goes, "It's the Greek Wall of China!"

  5. Bedfordshire again, GV, where they also have that pure-as-the-driven-snow, incorruptible police farce!

    Bedfordshire - compassionate as ever and just as replete with common sense, said Spidey sarcastically!

  6. If central govt was serious about localism and handing 'power' back to the people Eric Pickles would be speaking out more against the likes of Bedfordshire Council. Common Purpose is embedded deep in our institutions and the police aren't exempt. It's such a mess Spidey, I don't see how they can ever be dismantled. Their slogan is 'Leading beyond authority' and they're mostly unelected seat-polishers.


  7. Common Purpose is the most insidious Lefty organisation there is, GV, the only thing that will stop them is the threat of being put up against a wall by decent governments, (no chance of that happening, then), or a nuclear haulocaust that completely wipes out CP and the whole rotten system, so that we can start all over again!


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