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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Joke Of The Day

'Conversion to Islam has been stigmatised by the media and wrongly associated with extremist ideologies and discriminatory cultural practices,"  said Fiyaz Mughal, director of Faith Matters.

If ever there were a case for ignoring these completely potty, non-representative, small sample polls, this is it:
A study by Kevin Brice, of Swansea University, on behalf of Faith Matters, found 5,200 people converted to Islam in the UK last year.  A survey of 122 converts last year showed 56% were white British, with women making up 62% of respondents.
On those figures roughly 70 converts were white British and of those 70 roughly 42/43 were women.  The headline in the Telegraph is "Surge in Britons converting to Islam". If that's a surge then I'm a monkey's uncle.


  1. They have to say "surge" - how else are they going to trick the public into believing in "home growns"? They figure that, yeah, many people will read the article and discover the error in their headline but they are also well aware of the fact that 1. Some people will only read the headline and 2. Some people will still believe the headline even if they read the article (because they don't have the mental capacity to spot the glaring error). Oldest trick in the book my friend - their target demographic is morons, and if the elite ever lock down society it will be with an army of drooling charging screaming morons. God help us all.

  2. Thanks to many years of dumbed down education people don't 'do' percentages!

  3. Good spot, I was going to blog on that, but didn't have the time to check the figures properly

  4. The figures aren't exact but they're pretty close. Something about the headline reminds me of Cameron's 'nudge' society - it's as if we're being told 'hey, it's okay to convert to Islam'. The DM also ran with the story but didn't mention that the figures were from a much smaller sample. I don't know why we bother reading newspapers.

  5. GV it is all to do with sharia finance. Everyone is deliberately broke apart from the Wahabi charities. CoL is going sharia, don't beleive any of that no usury crap. If they reckon they can take us over they'll do it and CoL will go along with it. Any society that accepts Barry Soetoro as POTUS is doomed. Hag Sophia GV, what do you reckon St Paul's will be called in 2111?

  6. Good point about sharia finance, Incoming. Every big bank has a dedicated department and London has been leading the charge for years. Here's a clip from the most recent evaluation by the europhile FT:


    "In Europe, particularly London, the industry is growing strongly, with non-Muslim investors seeing this type of finance as a sensible way to diversify as it offers a distinct product that appears more resilient amid the uncertainty in the western markets, especially in the eurozone.... In Europe, London is seeking to consolidate its position as the gateway to Islamic finance in the western world. The UK first corporate sukuk was launched in the middle of the year and Islamic banking continues to grow in the country. Investors remain hopeful the UK will issue the first sovereign western sukuk."


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