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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More Defence Cuts

The sheer incompetence of it all beggars belief.  The MoD has 'discovered' a £1.6bn shortfall in next year's budget and is planning further cuts on top of those already announced last October.

On the table:

70 Tornado GR4s
12 Chinooks
Reaper and Predator UAVs
FRES Scout project
Type 23 Frigate or RFA tanker/supply ship
Further reduction in Army personnel

The rest of this sorry tale is HERE

Just to remind us all who's primarily responsible for this pigs' mess of a financial fiasco, here's a pic of the man who was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1997-2007 and PM for three years:

UPDATE: PFI deals like THESE don't help.

• RAF Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft: The largest private finance project. The taxpayer will be paying around £10.5 billion for 14 Airbus A330 troop transport/tanker jets with a capital value of only about £1 billion, though the deal also includes maintenance. The aircraft will not be able to fly into any war zone

• Army – Colchester Garrison: This £540 million PFI deal, to provide new military accommodation for the Parachute Regiment and others, lasts until 2039. But ownership of the land and buildings has been transferred to the Robert McAlpine-led PFI consortium until 2154, bringing allegations that the MoD has “sold off the family silver”.

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