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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More 'Financial Corrections' For UK

That's fines to you and me.  Apparently we haven't been handling EU funds properly, particularly in the farming sector, so the EU is threatening to impose a further fine of £601m on top of £398m already levied against us.
The National Audit Office figures were contained in a report Britain's use of EU funds.
Auditor general Amyas Morse said of the 2008/9 accounts that there was "a number of significant accounting and other issues" which the Government needed to address.


  1. As various commenters point out in your link, this is the same EU that has failed to have its own accounts signed off by auditors for 14 consecutive years. Any private company that failed to do so for just one or two years would have its Directors removed and probably gaoled.

  2. I think it's 16yrs now, Banned. It's a strange situation where we 'give' money to the EU, they give some of it back, tied up in red tape, and then fine us if we don't spend it according to their rules. 'It don't make sense'. Nothing about this rotten, corrupt system makes sense.


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