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Saturday, 15 January 2011

No Halal Labelling

Well, that's it then.  The EU has ruled that halal food does not have to be labelled. Concerned consumers must therefore continue to make it our business to ask each and every time we shop, each and every time we eat out.  We are being denied the right to make an informed decision about what we eat and asking questions is now the only way we'll be able to make a choice.

I hope those MPs who, last year, were said to be outraged when they discovered they were unknowingly eating halal food in the House of Commons restaurants will take note.  Who knows?  Perhaps the UK could introduce its own labelling laws without deference to Brussels (only joking!)  Or perhaps they'll make their own, private, arrangements.
In Britain alone, it is estimated that more than 150 million halal animals are killed each year. Critics say this number is far more than is needed by the Muslim community, and that the growing success of halal products in Europe is being driven by the fact that the non-Muslim public is unaware of the halal origins of the meat. They say the ability to sell halal meat products by stealth has opened up vast new markets across Europe, which, by extension, is leading to a huge increase in the number of animals slaughtered using halal methods. The European halal food market is currently valued at €50 billion ($67 billion), and is expected to grow by at least 25% by 2020.
Lobbying by Muslim pressure groups won the day.

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  1. So Mr Butcher, can you tell me as to whether those succulent pork chops you have there are halal?

  2. Sorry, B, if that's a joke it's just sailed over the top of my head. I take it the back-tracking on food labelling doesn't bother you?

  3. Apart from being cruel beyond belief - Halal requires an incision across the neck of an animal, cutting through the windpipe, the food pipe, jugular vein and carotid arteries of both sides, but leaving the spinal cord intact so the animal is fully aware of being bled to death over a matter of minutes, all so some praises can be givin to someone or other - the Halal method of slaughter is also exclusive in that only Muslims can be employed in the Halal industry. When fast food giants either greedily chase the Islamic dollar or cave into Muslim's demands to open 'Halal-friendly' stores, they are in effect opening slaughterhouses that can employ only Muslims. No other form of discrimination such as this would be acceptable in the western world, yet as Halal means legal under Sharia law, companies that become 'Halal-compliant' are in fact practising a separate system of law and deeming pork, pork products, alcohol and all other foods considered non-Halal as illegal.

    List of companies using the Halal method of slaughter in the west and beyond.
    Boycott 'em and also contact them to inform them that you are doing so.

    Brown's Chicken
    Cambell's Soup Company
    Crown Fried Chicken
    Domino's Pizza
    H.E.B Grocery Company
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Kennedy Fried Chicken
    Mary Brown's (Canada)
    McDonald's Corporation
    New Zealand sheep and lamb (All Exports!)
    Pizza Hut
    M&S Supermarkets
    Sainsbury's Supermarkets
    Tesco Supermarkets
    Tennants Lager (Not really, just checking you're awake)
    The Football Association (Wembley stadium serves Halal foods)
    Tex-Mex Beef Company
    Waitrose Supermarkets

  4. Thanks Groompy Tom, that's a useful list. I remember reading that Twickenham, home of rugby, also serves halal food and I'm sure there are many others - we just have to keep looking and asking.

  5. Distgusting. Even when restaurants do put signs up to say they are halal, here in australia, they are on the back wall in small writing so most customers miss them. Last time this happened to me was in a large shopping mall's food court at an indian food outlet. I had already purchased a vegetarian curry then spied the small notice and asked the server if this shop served halal, and the reply was "yes'. Pandering to a very small minority, especially here in australia we have a population of just over 20 million ,very few muslims ,but the amount of these outlets that are opening and the halal butchers as well tells me that is going to change with immigration whether the people want it or not. And i am against this practice of killing animals without stunning whatever your sky pixie says that goes for kosher as well. Those poor sheep in the photo are probably australian as we export the misery through the live shipment of sheep and cows to asian and middle eastern countries even when the majority of the population are against it.

  6. Hi AG, it's pandering to a small minority here as well. What I object to is that last year EU govts were saying, don't worry, everything will be labelled in 2011, we're bringing in a new directive. It would have been the only EU directive I've supported since I can remember. They caved in, quite easily I suspect, to Muslim pressure groups and have left the majority of us with no clear choice beyond asking.

    Live shipment of animals for fattening or slaughter is another abomination. It seems there's no cruelty some people won't inflict on animals in order to line their wallets.

    The live sheep in the photo, huddled into a corner waiting to have their throats cut and being aware, is the reason I posted it. I doubt there's any 'humane' method of slaughtering animals and if that's true then the answer is to be veggie.


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