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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Oh Boy!

I have a problem above and beyond my own.   Since coming home in a bucket from Spain I'm currently being put up (with) by family until I find somewhere more permanent.

Someone, somewhere within my hearing has a small child who cries pitifully and sometimes screams.   I open the front door to the communal area but the sound goes away.  I open my window to the garden and the sound also goes away.

I hear him day after day now.  I  heard the poor thing scream for hours yesterday.  I hear the mother who shouts and screams and, tonight, a man who shouts at the mother.

I can hear him now - he's moaning as he falls asleep.  If I knew where they lived I might be able to offer something constructive, like baby-sittiing - I know it seems vacuous but anything to help.

Question:  How can I alert the NSPCC or police in these circumstances?  Something's wrong within my earshot but I don't know where it's happening.


  1. When you begin to hear voices in your head.....

    Seriously, you desperately need to move!

  2. That's quick and rich Mr W :-)

  3. ""How can I alert the NSPCC or police in these circumstances?""


  4. Bucko, I know what you say about the NSPCC and the police but I can't bear the sound of a child crying. Beyond knocking on doors and asking where the crying comes from I don't know what to do. A few Eastern Europeans have just hit the entryphone so I think I'll just step in with two left feet.

  5. :-) Thank you Mr W. I'll be in touch. It was very noisy last night - someone had a late-night party but the revellers didn't know which flat so banged all the buzzers and generally caused mayhem in the hallway. Maybe I'm just getting old :-(


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