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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Out Of The Woodwork

Cameron can no longer continue to shelve the issue of the EU. He maintains that the European Union Bill currently passing through parliament is the answer to all our woes when we know it isn't, that it's a not very effective sticking plaster over a raw wound. There will be some huge developments in the structure of the EU this year and Cameron won't be able to ignore them.

Politicians and machiavellian manipulators are fond of using crises to engineer 'progress' and that's exactly what the EU will do. There's a new grouping of high-ranking federalists, the Spinelli Group, coming to prominence within the EU who say the only way out of the european financial mess is further integration. Joschka Fischer, the German Foreign Minister, last night called for "a United States of Europe" and EC President Barroso last week told journalists: "It is not only the federalists who want more integration, it is also the markets. They are sending a clear message every day. So it is not an idea of utopia … it's a matter of realism."

The French Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, will further stir the waters this morning with a speech he's due to give in the City of London.
"There are no taboos or obstacles to strengthening Franco-British integration... In order to consolidate the euro we will need gradually to harmonise our economic, fiscal and social policies, hence we are going to go towards greater integration."
Cameron knows what's going on. The question is: why does he persist in lying to the British people?

UPDATEWebsite of the Spinelli Group

Cameron & Fillon held a joint press conference:
"A strong and successful eurozone is in Britain's interests. We want the countries of the eurozone to sort out the difficulties they have and we won't stand in the way as we do that.  Indeed, we will be a helpful partner in making sure that happens.

"But let me again be clear – that does not mean that Britain should be drawn into new mechanisms or new procedures or have to give up new powers.  That is absolutely not what we see as necessary as happening and throughout the European councils last year we made that point and secured that point on many, many occasions."


  1. Because he can?

  2. "The question is: why does he persist in lying to the British people?"
    Because he is an ambitious Bilderberger desiring a compliant population to lord over as a supreme ruler.

  3. What annoys me, and many many others, is Cameron's dictatorial attitude and his conviction that he and only he is right.

  4. Cameron's demeanour and actions are those of a man who believes he was born to rule. Mr W is correct in my view - iDave believes he is right.

    He knows he can get away with lying because he knows he commands the apparatus which keeps him safe from our censure. It doesn't matter to him what we think - so long as our voices don't reach the masses so as to trigger a significant backlash.

  5. 10/10 - you're all right. He must know it can't last but the truth will out, as it always does. It's just a question of time and whether he can keep stalling for long enough. 2011 is going to be a big year for the EU, let's just hope it's reported fairly and accurately in the msm (*cough*).


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