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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

PMQs: Summary + Videos

The economy and growth figures were at the forefront again today.  The House was noisy, no doubt encouraged by Cameron & Miliband who both seemed to shout at each other more than usual.  Miliband accused Cameron of 'cutting too far and too fast' with the deficit reduction and used the word  'arrogance' again.  He also referenced the PM's judgement in an aside about Andy Coulson..

For his part, Cameron took a couple of swipes at the appointment of Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor but overall there was none of the frustration or tetchiness seen in previous weeks.  I may have missed some innuendo (as well as the first planted question), because I'm full of cold and very grumpy, but that was the overall impression I had.  The videos later will throw more light on it.

The most interesting thing I think I heard was Cameron's response to DUP Westminster Leader, Nigel Dodds, that Gerry Adams has resigned his seat to become Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead.  Weird times and strange days.

Did your MP speak?
Jacob Rees-Mogg, Con, NE Somerset;  Ian Mearns, Lab, Gateshead;  Alok Sharma, Con,  Reading West;  Gregory Campbell, DUP, East Londonderry;   David Crausby, Lab, Bolton North East;  Elizabeth Truss, Con, SW Norfolk;  Graeme Morrice, Lab,  Livingston;   Donald Foster,  LibDem, Bath;    Nigel Dodds, DUP Westminster Leader;  Karen Lumley, Con, Redditch;  Tom Watson, Lab, West Bromwich East;  James Clappison, Con, Hertsmere;  Ian Davidson, Lab Co-op, Glasgow South West; Chris Hopkins, Con, Keighley;  Keith Vaz, Lab, Leicester East;  Nigel Adams, Con, Selby & Ainsty;  Stella Creasy, Lab Co-op, Walthamstow;  Jesse Norman, Con, Hereford & South Hereford;  Alun Michael, Lab Co-op, Cardiff South & Penarch;  Paul Maynard, Con, Blackpool North & Cleveleys;  Sheila Gilmour, Lab, Edinburgh East;   Richard Graham, Con, Gloucestershire.

Invoked Lady Thatcher on economy;  jobs/deficit;  three union officials paid by local council;  CPI/RPI effect on petrol prices/fuel duty stabiliser;  Nuffield Foundation report/maths teaching;  plight of one constituent with Hepatitis C;  DLA/care homes;  Parliamentary money to Sinn Fein members;  OFSTED report on Worcestershire schools;  ex-investigators now on payroll of News Int'l;  Holocaust Memorial Day & Holocaust Education Trust;  youth unemployment;  reclamation of VAT by healthcare charities/hospices;  bilateral links between Britain & Bangladesh;  living with autism;  loan sharks;  inquiry into cost of PFI deals;  bankers' bonuses;  world heritage status for Blackpool;  following Ireland economically;  apprenticeships.

Followed by a response from William Hague to an Urgent Question put down by Denis McShane.about BBC World Service Cuts.

Videos to follow.

Nigel Dodds - Cameron

The joke's on Blinky:

Alok Sharma - Cameron

In full:

With thanks to LiarPoliticians for the videos.

UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion about Gerry Adams. The following is from Hansard:

Thomas Docherty (Dunfermline and West Fife) (Lab): On a point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker. You will recall that at lunchtime the Prime Minister indicated that the hon. Member for Belfast West (Mr Adams) had accepted an office of the Crown. However, it is our understanding from press reports coming out of Belfast that Sinn Fein are denying this. Clearly, this is a matter that will continue to trouble the House for some time. Has the Speaker’s Office received notification from the Government that Mr Adams has indeed accepted a paid office of the Crown?

Madam Deputy Speaker (Dawn Primarolo): I have no knowledge of the matter. If and when the Speaker receives notification from the Treasury, he will cause it to be included in the Votes and Proceedings of the House. That is as much as I can do to help the hon. Gentleman on his point of order.

Mr Nigel Dodds (Belfast North) (DUP): Further to that point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker. I understand that a Member must apply for an office of profit. If there is any departure from that procedure, may we have a statement to the House? Will the Speaker inform the House of any departure from the accepted conventions, traditions and procedures of the House so that we are clear about the circumstances in which such a bizarre resignation is happening?

Madam Deputy Speaker: Although I appreciate that the hon. Gentleman has a great interest in the matter and that other Members may well have the same interest, it is not a point of order for me or for Mr. Speaker. If notification is received, the Speaker would place it in the Votes and Proceedings of the House. That is as much as I can help the hon. Gentleman with the matter.


  1. Did you notice Peter Bone attempting to 'catch the Speakers eye', GV?

    In view my post this morning linking to Bone's on ConHome, I would dearly have loved to hear what he had to ask!

  2. I have to do it 'live' Mr W - so I can't watch but listen instead. I'll watch it leisurely later.

  3. Adams is off to *&^% over the Irish at their election. Best cover for an internationalist bitchboy, nationalism!!

  4. Hi Incoming - you have to question why this ex-IRA Sinn Fein member would suddenly decide to resign to take a 'Crown' stewardship from a country and monarch he holds in contempt. With his background there's no way he's going to roll over in his fight against Ulster/N Ireland being a part of Ireland.

    I think I get your point about nationalism (croaky throat etc = foggy brain)- people should be more aware of the difference between that and patriotism. That said, people should be more aware of many things but, unless we find out for ourselves, it isn't going to happen with the pap the msm feeds us 24/7.


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