"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 24 January 2011

A Selection Of Quotes

The debate on the European Union Bill continues this afternoon (HERE @ 3.30pm)  and Peter Bone, (Con, Wellingborough) is tabling an amendment in an effort to ensure an in/out referendum is automatically triggered in the event that "a referendum is triggered under the EU Bill due to a proposed transfer of competency; and the British people vote against such a transfer of power."

It all seems highly unlikely and has about as much prospect of passing as did Bill Cash's proposed amendments.  If Cameron truly believed in 'Big Society' and de-centralising power from Westminster to the people via his Localism Bill, he wouldn't whip his MPs to follow the Party line but would let them vote freely according to their consciences and their constituents' wishes.

Hague:  Feb 08
"It is clear that, quite apart from the question of a referendum, the story of this Treaty is of a government to government stitch up, with only a charade of parliamentary involvement, let alone public consent.  This disconnection between governors and governed is worsened by an arrogant failure to listen. Every poll has shown that not only do people want the referendum they were promised but a majority would use it to reject the Treaty. Polls go up and down but where there is such consistency it would be wise for politicians to pay attention."

Sept 08
"Our position rests on the basic truth that in a democracy, lasting political institutions cannot be built without popular consent.  If in the end this treaty is ratified by all 27 nations of the EU, then clearly it would lack democratic legitimacy here in Britain, political integration would have gone too far, and we would set out at that point the consequences of that and how we would intend to proceed."

June 09
"The way the Labour Government has handled the Lisbon Treaty has widened the EU’s profound problem of its democratic deficit. Their breach of promise and failure to consult the British people either in a general election or a referendum means that the Treaty lacks democratic legitimacy in this country. Those are points a future Conservative Government would indeed have to address. "

Perhaps it's time for Hague to follow his own advice
"My approach has been to get to the point where I could take or leave politics. When I don’t think I am being any use any more, I will go off and write that next book."

Cameron: Nov 09
"Never again should it be possible for a British government to transfer power to the EU without the say of the British people.  If we win the next election, we will amend the European Communities Act 1972 to prohibit, by law, the transfer of power to the EU without a referendum.  And that will cover not just any future treaties like Lisbon, but any future attempt to take Britain into the euro.

We will give the British people a referendum lock to which only they should hold the key – a commitment very similar to that in Ireland.  This is a major constitutional development.  But I believe it is now the only way to reassure the British people that powers cannot be given away without their explicit approval in a referendum.  It is not politicians’ power to give away – it belongs to the people."

I think they should all go boil their heads - not very constructive advice but certainly heart-felt.

UPDATE:  'Our' Minister for Europe, europhile David Lidington, has written an  article for Conservative Home that extols the benefits of the EU Bill.  The article itself is a load of Party-line, self-exculpatory tosh and a quick look through the fifty or so comments reveals not one supporter.


  1. Nice post GV and nice collection of quotes. Well done!

    With regard to Lidington, our thoughts are similar, although I have gone into a tad more detail.

  2. Lion of England in a Distant landJanuary 24, 2011

    If we dont get a EU refefendum,and then the people of Europe start to wake up,and then start wanting to leave
    the EUSSR Will we then have a Session war,against the Eurouninsts,and the break away national states.
    because one thing is certain these Eurofreaks will stop at nothing to keep their union.

  3. Thanks Mr W. You obviously have more patience than I. I've said pretty much all I want to say about Lidington - I think he lies :-)

    Hi LoE, one of the points raised in the debate this afternoon was the rioting across Europe - Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal - but still the EC/EU won't listen. It's bad enough getting our own representatives to listen. There were only about 40/50ish MPsin the chamber to hear and take part.

    As you say, tptb have invested too much time, energy and ideology into this misgotten project to let it go without a fight.


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