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Monday, 31 January 2011

The Slow Creep

No, not Ed Miliband but something equally insidious.  Following last year's Strategic Defence & Security Review and the slashing of the Defence budget it emerged that preliminary soundings had already been made about increasing co-operation and joint ventures with the French.  Anyone who knows the continental mindset will have known that it was unlikely to stop there and so it's proved.  France is pushing for Germany to join the club and create a trilateral axis of military co-operation under, yet independent of, the EU's umbrella..
French defence minister Alain Juppe is reported to have said that he is "determined to do everything possible to advance in this direction".

In early January, French attache Rear Admiral Charles-Edouard de Coriolis said: "There is a strong French-German relationship, there is a strong French-UK relationship, what is missing now is a strong German-UK relationship.
 Fox and Cameron will be attending a meeting in Munich this week to discuss the options with French and German counterparts.



  1. How convenient a riot police and multi-national armed forces would be to suppress any uprisings!

  2. "...what is missing now is a strong German-UK relationship."

    Yes... like the one in 1815.

  3. It is convenient isn't it, OR? I wouldn't mind so much, well I would actually, if they were open and honest about their intentions - this is like fighting wisps of smoke. Co-operating police forces, co-operating military - I can see the financial logic of it given the mess they've made of but nothing else stacks up.

    Hi Harry, do you think it's too late to start a campaign for a Waterloo Day this June? The govt says it's looking for a special date for another Bank Holiday :-)


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