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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

1500 Buried Alive In Benghazi

From here:
"Jazeera, I want to deliver this information, I confirmed it personally, on my responsibility. I am a Libyan citizen. Today in Benghazi they discovered a room underground, a room that is completely locked-in. Completely locked. Holding 1500 young men from Benghazi. From the 15th of February the first day of demonstrations to today when they got them out, the 22nd, they had been without food or water. They heard the voices from the barracks, noise, people. After they went to check, they got them out, God be praised, alive. 1500 young men, buried alive, buried alive. Muammar must be obliterated. We will not surrender. Our dead are in heaven, he is in hell. God bear witness that I have delivered this message, if there are any Muslims. God willing."
And still the UN thinks a condemnatory statement from one of their spokesmen will do the trick - but they can't even agree on the wording for that.  What's the point of implementing sanctions or signing petitions (Amnesty International has one up and running already)?

It's being reported that some British nationals have been taken to safety by a Dutch aircraft carrier and that a British rescue flight, scheduled to leave Gatwick at 12.30pm, is still here because of mechanical failure.   William Hague was televised saying that the British govt will "seek the permission of the Libyan govt" before it takes action to rescue the stranded Brits.   I think we're all living in loony-land now - and who made it this way but the very same corrupt sleazebag politicos and global 'elite' who claim to have all the answers.

The Libyan Youth Movement has a website with up-to-date information - Feb 17th.

UPDATE: Saif Gadaffi studied for his MPhil doctorate at the London School of Economics. Here's his successful 2007 thesis "The Role of Civil Society in the Democratisation of Global Governance Institutions". And HERE is the wikia page set up today to expose his plagiarism. Well, you didn't really think he'd knuckle down and do all that hard work himself, did you?


  1. Ta for the Feb17th link
    "they got them out, God be praised, alive. 1500 young men"; not yet the black hole of Benghazi but things are clearly only going to get worse in Libya.

    I honestly think that I would have stayed put as a tourist in Tunisia or Egypt, but not there, it's going to get very nasty, or nastier.

  2. I remember reports of the same thing with Saddam - underground prisons - and there are still Brits stranded at encampments in the desert without supplies - they'll have to get the military in to get them out safely.

    With Egypt and Tunis there were alternative leaders - there doesn't seem to be anyone in Libya. There are too many interwoven factions and tribal loyalties - no wonder western govts were content to see it 'stable'. Sleeping dogs, I guess.

  3. The Dutch still have aircraft carriers.. Ruddy clogs, what do they want those for?

  4. Come on Gawain, it must be so they can help airlift British citizens in dire straits. Hopefully, one day, they'll come and pick up me & my rucksack of stockpiled food from a sandbank in the Thames Estuary.


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