"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Was there ever a worse PM than Brown?  A weak, bullying, childish, tantrum-prone, temper-throwing, manipulative and spineless deceiver with a history of shrugging his shoulders and disappearing when things go wrong.  A not me guv "sort of guy".

So what does this lowlife do when told that events in Afghanistan are deteriorating and losses are worrying the top brass?  Well, of course, the first thing he tells them is to play it down for fear of negative press coverage.  Not a thought for those involved at the sharp end.  Traitorous scum who's now touting his sorry arse round the world's dinner tables for a few thousand a time when he's still an MP and should be back in the HoC representing his thick-as-two-short-planks constituents who keep voting for him.

I'm glad he's gone as PM but he hasn't gone far enough.

"Play it down"


  1. "Was there ever a worse PM than Brown?"

    It's close, I grant you.

    But for me it's Thatcher, though Cameron may tip her in the future.

    Scotland and the north of England were deliberately sacrificed by Thatcher.

    In the words of an advisor to a Chinese Emperor, "In a famine, if you have three suffering provinces, take all the food out of two of the provinces to feed one.
    When the famine is over you have one loyal province; you do not have to worry about the other two...

  2. "Was there ever a worse PM than Brown?"

    Bliar .

    Lloyd George .

    Callaghan .

    Harold Wilson .

    The Earl of Bute .

    He was shite , but he wasn't the worst .

    I think your perception is down to him being the evil Scottish OTHER . Not your fault . TV and the EU to blame .

    But , let us remember , he WAS shite .

  3. I have to agree with CtL regarding Mrs. Thatcher sacrificing much of the economy in Scotland and the North of England .

    Thing is , she didn't do it because she was the Wicked Witch of Grantham intent on destroying us through her malevolence .

    It was the nationalisation of industries and the use of this by the unions as a weapon against the West in the Cold War which necessitated this .

    More should be done to sort out the resulting mess , however .

  4. GV, Hopefully I will rememebr to comment when I am sober, in view of those preceding me!

    That and the age thing might make me forget so don't forget to give me a reminder!

  5. TYO.

    Thanks for the agreement.

    Whenever there is a Tory government, Scotland loses industries and military bases.

    Apart from the dangerous nuclear ones that is.

    Yet we seem to lose the jobs; i.e. Rosyth, a specialised submarine base, lost the contract to refit them to Devonport.

    Which wasn't a specialised submarine base.
    Though a lot of money was spent to make it so.

    To the latest bunch; Marham over Lossiemouth.

    Guess who votes who in where...

  6. Hello Conan and (young) Oligarch, I'm not sure what prompted your defensive comments - I didn't mention that Brown was Scottish at all and I don't think it's relevant. Brown is a shameless, bullying, weak shill and he was an absolutely pathetic PM - a pox on him!

    The bottom line is that when he was denying resources to our troops in Afghanistan and things were going badly, his first concern was how it would play in the press. He's a coward - and spiteful to boot.

    Not sure how you managed to drag Mrs T into this. In future I'll make sure I put the word 'rhetorical' in brackets after a question mark :-)

    @ Mr W - I'm not sure how I'm supposed to remind you - hope your head isn't too sore in the morning.

  7. Just Woke UpFebruary 08, 2011

    As Billy Connolly once said. Never trust anyone who wants to be a politician.

    I don't. They are all in it for the wrong reasons. None of which are me, or the well-being of my country.

  8. Hooray for wikileaks. No wonder they want Assange dead.

  9. JWU - even those who enter parliament with the best of intentions seem to be turned. There are exceptions but they tend to be few and can't summon the numbers to make an impressive noise. The ones who hit the headlines are always the wrong'uns.

    Banned, the wikileaks 'leaks' are becoming more interesting - this one about Brown's relationship with the Armed Forces is something most of us guessed and accused him of but it's always good to see suspicions confirmed in print.


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