"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 20 February 2011


If I could write a string of swear-words I would - but some of you probably know better ones than I do so I'd only be showing my ignorance. I don't swear during conversations in 'real life' but it does tend to creep in when I'm blogging about politicians, so I'd just like to say that I'm f@cking fed up with a capital FFU.

The very concept of Cameron's Big Society with its Neighbourhood Army and state-led Leaders fills me with trepidation. Whose policies will these middle-ranking Leaders be supporting? Who will they report to?   How are they made accountable?  How will they liaise with local councils? How many administrators will one Leader need?

But it's not only that - it's just about everything. Why do people keep re-electing the same local council f/tards who assume office and then go and do as they please ... and pay themselves what they please? Why do elected officials suddenly release their inner Stasi agent when they have control of a Borough? And why are so many otherwise normal people so ready to fall into line and obey?  And yes, the questions are rhetorical.

This is the article that put the icing on today's perfect cake:  a Christmas tip is a bribe.


I might do a Sunday Round-up next week but maybe the time's come to change it - it's two years old now anyway. By the time I've finished schlepping through the online press and checked stories against each other and sorted out the quotes, it's taken hours plus I'm fit for nothing except running out naked into the garden and screaming at the sky in impotent fury. The state of this country makes me weep but what's worse is that Cameron doesn't show any capability for changing it in any meaningful way. It's true we no longer have Brown and Blair but Cameron seems little different overall - he differs only in minor detail.  I've been so disappointed by him that I can barely watch or listen to him any more without biting my bottom lip;  invariably I bolt into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Here's a message for any jobsworths, community leaders, councillors, quango chiefs, nosey parkers, lobbyists,  fake charidee workers, in fact, anyone who gets a kick out of assuming control over another person:


  1. "Why do people keep re-electing the same local council f/tards who assume office and then go and do as they please ... and pay themselves what they please?"

    And the same question, GV, can be applied to national politicians. Forgive a tad self-promotion but we are on the same 'wavelength' as I said:


    As for Cameron and the BS, seen this post:


    Ok, self-promo over!

    I contend that both are Cameron's way of EU isationing us with a 'Common Purpose'!

  2. I've been contending that too since the blog started, Mr W. The country is riddled with unelected common purpose apparatchiks and it will take more than a General Election to rid ourselves of them.

  3. The only way to deal with common purpose graduates is to out them and ridicule them. They hate being revealed in the spotlight. I am on the case of the Cumbrian advisory group.

    In fact ignorance works well with council drones. They need you to respond to them if you don't they are stunned into dumbfounded silence.

    Best of all though just say NO. Politely at first and then if they don't get the message make yourself completely understood with a quiet and yet polite fcuk off.
    NO is usually sufficient but when required the fcuk off method will see them off. I speak from experience.

    Elections have ZERO effect on anything the state wants to do because all who 'stand' are members of the state machine. The tyrant will not change no matter how much we beg.

  4. William, I have nothing to add to what you say except that I agree. I sometimes (often) wonder what it would take for people to become more interested in politics - maybe this ECHR business will inspire some to look deeper. Begging petty tyrants to use common sense has never worked as a strategy - it only feeds their feel-good endorphins and encourages them. Good luck with the Cumbrian group.

  5. Nazi Germany had these Community Organizers, they were known as "block wardens" or Blockleiter.

  6. True, Banned - there's not much more anyone can say really is there?


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