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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Iranium: The Movie

This is the 60-minute film that prompted the threats and subsequent closure of the Canadian theatre where the first screening was due to take place last month.

I watched it last night and it's a well-made film drawing on Iran's history and the rise to power of Ahmadinejad.  It has lots of talking heads and concentrates on the potential capabilities of a nuclear Iran with a short segment towards the end about the repression of the people and the 2009 protests.

I don't know who's behind the making of the film but it's another stage of the softening-up process for confrontation with Iran - and remember, that's something Tony Blair was advocating at the Chilcot Inquiry.  I really recommend you watch this and judge for yourselves:


  1. Well done for posting this, other links I've tried announce that streaming was only available in the USA.
    Happily I have an hour to spare right now.

  2. You're welcome, Banned. The only slight drawback is that you have to enter an email address for access and then they send you more info, links and videos - but you can easily unsubscribe if it's not your cup of tea.

  3. "I don't know who's behind the making of the film "

    'Clarion Fund' @01:30


    Your link downloaded a 300MB temp internet file which will make for easier viewing but it's in DIVX format and I don't know how to further upload those.

    Back to the introductory part of the film, it's all earilly similar to what is playing out in Egypt and while there is no Khomeni figure there is the Moslem Brotherhood.

  4. That's strange - I have no problems watching it from the link - it's streaming the full film again for me (and I used a different email address to the one I registered with). Thanks for the link to Clarion, I'll check them out now.

  5. Yes, no surprises with Clarion then! You're right about the similarities with the Egyptian uprising. According to press reports the MB are heavily involved in negotiations for govt positions and have also called for sharia law to be implemented. The MB have strong links with Iran.

  6. I could watch it from the link but only in "tiny screen", the DIVX file plays full screen and is now safely on an external hard drive.

    Well certainly a scary message which would be much easier to sell if they hadn't told us so many lies prior to the invasion of Iraq.
    They even claim that Iran was "behind the 911 attack" which is what they said about Iraq!

    So the supposed endgame is 1 (one) upper atmosphere electronic pulse nuke that will take out Americas infrastructure thus leading to the death of nine out of ten of them within a year.

    They do however have a good case to make in that the assumptions of MAD would not discourage mad mullahs from attacking America since it would, in their view, bring on the End Of Days or Armaggedon so they could all go to heaven.

    Probably our best hope is the revival of internal Iranian opposition to bring down the regime before it perhaps does follow this films scenario on the basis of bigging up an external enemy to create internal unity.

    Only one regime has ever given up nuclear power voluntarily and that regime was South Africa immediatly prior to the end of apartheid.

  7. Once you've clicked play and the film begins to load there's a small green button in the bottom right-hand corner to get full screen but it likes to play hide and seek sometimes.

    As for the film and its makers - top connections, vested interests and lots of 'what ifs'. The problem is that it's scarily plausible, even though the emp over America and nuclear weapons fired from Lebanon into Europe are stretching credulity.

    I take your point that Ahmadinejad and his merry men are implacable - so long as someone else is the martyr for their cause. It's a shame the regime didn't fall in 2009.


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