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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Loathing Labour

More detail is emerging from the MigrationWatch report on immigration which was released today.   A record number of immigrants were given settlement rights in Labour's final year of office.  250,000 were given the right to stay here and about 83,000 of those was because of a failure in the asylum system.  It's the highest number since the 1960s.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “These figures are Labour’s legacy to Britain – 3.2 million immigrants including a quarter of a million in their last year.
“Over half a million students in one year, with no interviews before arrival and no checks on departures; and a points-based system that has increased immigration not reduced it.
“This is what they called ‘managed migration’.
“It would be hard to imagine after 13 years in charge a more shambolic inheritance.”
Other figures yesterday showed the number of failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants being removed from the UK has hit a five-year low.
Sensitive flowers be warned, the video is one of Gotty's old ones and has been played many, many times before - let's call it 'a social commentary on thirteen years of Labour government':


  1. In respect of the video, GV - yes, well.......!

    What I find amazing is that those responsible for the policy of immigration and the economic state the nation was left in are still in positions of influence and could, if opinion polls are to be believed, form the next government!

    As these idiots still manage to get
    elected the old adage of lunatics in charge of the asylum springs to mind!

  2. "What I find amazing is that those responsible for the policy of immigration and the economic state the nation was left in are still in positions of influence and could, if opinion polls are to be believed, form the next government!"

    As do I, Mr W, as do I.

    Anarchy beckons - not UKIP, not BNP, but anarchy. I get tired of repeating this but on a personal, day-to-day, level we must all question 'authority' wherever it seeks to impose control over us. There's nothing lost and much to be gained by being polite.

    I don't see Farage stepping up to the plate lately but that's probably down to me - he's less of the leader, and it's less of a Party, than I'd hoped. I suspect UKIP will fall when the EU falls. The country needs reform but not reform instigated by those already in office.

  3. GV if one stares really hard at the mess around the Med one will see, if one is so bothered, a masonic muslem brotherhood getting ready to take over the industrial resources, esp, Turkey and Egypt, and head west. I told you it will be gates of Vienna time again soon enough.

    All controlled from one's command centre, hence the immigration. One needs the language skills that the natives were never trained or skilled in.

    Funny that the natives are never skilled in anything other than getting lined up to be shot.

    If any recent arrivals in UKplc, i.e post 1997AD, are reading this then that's what your progeny have to look forward to.

  4. Incoming, if that's the case then 'bring it on'. At least we'll all know where we stand instead of having this constant stream of disinformation and subterfuge. In many ways it would be like a new beginning.

    We're very small and of no account in the scheme of things. We're too passive and too happy/lazy and so accept the concept that we vote once every 4/5 yrs but have no say in-between.

    As for Gates of Vienna Mk II - I think that's a long way off but I'm buying candles, batteries and canned food just in case :-)

  5. What I find amazing is that folks believe the lies of whatever party forms the government. On this issue they are one and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to expose this. Migration Watch is a government front to defuse and channel folk's dismay. distress, and horror at the massive influx of foreigners into their country. But they report misleading figures minimizing the true extent of immigration into the UK. The number isn't 3.2 million immigrants as Migration Watch reports but 5.5 million.

    That this organization insists on reporting the governments "net" migration figures exposes them as charlatans they are.

  6. Hi McG, all MigrationWatch's figures do is annoy people as they see the scale of deceit so I suppose on that level they provide a service. 5.5m does seem more realistic - you only have to step outside the front door to see the change - it's quite marked.

  7. People are stupid. After watching so many boroughs become turd world enclaves, they continue to vote into office those responsible and when it finally happens on their doorstep, start moaning.

    When you vote for crap, why so surprised when the result is crap.

    Ye the Gods wish to destroy an' all that.

    And we will be destroyed. Only constellation is that when the White Man goes, so will the planet's ability to sustain life.

    Of course, that is my own pessimistic view.

    Of course, I am hopeful that the tide will turn but sadly, with so many idiots allowed to vote, cannot see this having any sort of happy ending.

  8. One thing's for sure, Jack - it can't continue - ideally there shd be a moratorium on immigratiion until the country has the infrastructure to cope with what's already here. But, it won't happen - though I see Theresa May this morning refused to take some of Italy's Libyan asylum seekers (but we will be contributing money). Has anyone else noticed that they all tend to be men as well - they must leave the women and children back home while they flee the fighting. I don't understand their attitude - much better for them to stay and fight for what they want in their country.


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