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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Mini Round-up

A really eggy cat

So much to do, so little time - I apologise for another round-up.  Looking on the bright side I hope to be awake next week when Cathy Ashton goes to Tahrir Square in Egypt (it was this week but now it's next, so let's hope that our Cathy demonstrates cultural inclusivity and succumbs to a damned good beating by the pro-Mubarak supporters - that's if she isn't too late to voice the EU's solidarity with democracy and unity through diversity).

H/t for the first link goes to Rogue Gunner. Defence cuts have hardly begun to bite and only two weeks ago the Armed Forces were told to make further cutbacks.  As it is we have only 19 ships in the surface fleet  and can't cope with the pirates of the Caribbean.  Still, as long as the mandarins in their refurbished offices at the MoD are alright I daresay we shouldn't grumble.  The fact that Brown & Blair routinely baulked at extra money when the country was engaged in two full-on wars (not conflicts or insurgencies), denying it where it was most needed whilst overseeing a massive increase in civilian staff who were given bonuses for doing their job and plush new London offices is shameful.

The MoD police have been called to investigate 'irregularities' in a £6bn procurement programme .  It seems an ex-MoD employee went through the revolving door to the bidding company and spilled insider beans.  The company itself raised the alarm - not the MoD who were probably too busy admiring their splendidly refurbished offices to notice it.

The ECHR in the tabloids:  There are seven new cases against Britain each day at a cost to the taxpayer of roughly £2bn pa.  Open Europe explains why the ECHR is intrinsically tied to the EU and the Charter of Fundamental Rights despite what europhile trolls keep posting in online comments sections of certain newspapers (Telegraph).

The President of the Supreme Court, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, has used his speech at UCL to draw attention to the way the Supreme Court is funded by 'government'.
"We are, in reality, dependent each year upon what we can persuade the Ministry of Justice of England and Wales to give us by way of 'contribution'.

"This is not a satisfactory situation for the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. It is already leading to a tendency on the part of the Ministry of Justice to try to gain the Supreme Court as an outlying part of its empire."
One way of looking at it would be to see that government money is taxpayer money.  Another way would be to have an elected judiciary.

The BBC is at it again.  This time Radio4 listeners are too old, too southern and too white .  Yes, I suppose that, overall, this country is still 'hideously white'; what a terrible shock that must be for the BBC staff when they step outside their taxpayer-funded studios.  A good many of us are getting on a bit and, since England (note: not the UK) is now the most densely-populated country in 'Europe', it isn't surprising that the majority of listeners hail from 'the South'.  England is also the only country within the Union without its own devolved Assembly/Parliament/Government - call it what you will (and I'm sure the SNPers will).

"You. who are on the road. must have a code that you can live by ..."  Teach your children well.  One camera for every ten pupils is probably in line with the national average by now. By the way, how's that fingerprinting for access to school dining halls and libraries coming along?

I almost forgot this one: Mama, mama, mama, we're all crazee now and, after living with the morally bankrupt and illiterate economic policies of the past thirteen years, there's little wonder.

Two bits of good news:
Muslim anti-terrorist adviser to leave Home Office advisory role
Man killed by cock

Sweet dreams!


  1. I was going to write a speech for Ashton to lay on the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood – one of her wonks may have found it and used it.

    You know – a lecture on their version of sex reassignment surgery and quotas of L/G/B/T in the mosque. Stakeholders, diversity officers, social inclusion etc…

    But I was hoping the MB would hold her hostage; if she started laying that on them they would have her on the next plane back.

    We can’t win, we’re stuck with her.

  2. I too was delighted to hear that old never-was-been Ashton was off to make a fool of herself in Egypt, if she doesn't upset Mubarak the Arab in the street won't be impressed and will hopefully give her a good kicking as she flees to the airport.

    I read about the BBC Radio 4 nonsense in the Telegraph, seems their main response will be to put more 'effnicks' in the afternoon dramas by which time I'm offf to Radio 2 anyway.

    Fav Mail comment
    "Maybe they could have the National Anthem played by a steel band, the Today programme co-hosted by Ant and Dec and Katie Price on Thought of the Day. They could set The Archers in Zimbabwe, this would not be as long running as the present one, because Mugabe’s henchmen will kill the cast halfway through the first episode. ...............Somebody PLEASE find me another planet to live on.
    - Chris Williams, Newcastle Upon Tyne

    Incidentally, a while back Radio 4 did have a programme announcer with a distincly Trevor MacDonald accent but he seems to have been quietly dropped, don't recall his name.

  3. Nice comments - thanks, they made me smile. If, a big if, she does go she'll probably be behind bullet-proof glass - or, better still, just overflying the Square in a helicopter so she can see 'first hand' what the little people do when they're upset.

    The comment from the DM reader about Radio4 is spot on but it will be lost on those who think they know better.


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