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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Please Sir, No More/"Democracy Is A Work In Progress"

I sometimes long for the simple days - you know the ones I mean, the days before tweeting and spin.  Those were the days when Prime Minister's didn't need a cohort of special advisers and press secretaries between themselves and the public.  They also didn't have so many 'independent advisory bodies' or quangos and fake charidees on whom to deflect blame.  The politicial structure in this country stinks.

As for Craig Oliver, well, he's young, unshaven and occasionally sports a red gingham shirt so that's three boxes ticked already

All we seem to know about Oliver is that he's resigned his position as English Controller to BBC Global (whatever that is) and accepted Cameron's invitation to join the team.  In a way, I'm strangely happy - it could have been this Craig Oliver.

Friendly advice - he definitely needs to get rid of those 'f*ck off'' eyes and the 'get lost' mouth.  It's time the spin doctor made a special appointment with his own spin photographer.

PS - talking about the political structure in this country stinking, did everyone spot that democracy in this country is failing - according to 'official' figures?  I've lost the link and the router has been out of action ALL day so I haven't been able to check yet but I'll do it later.  In the meantime, here's Oliver's BBC blog.   The last three posts were April 2009, May 2010 & December 2010 - let's hope he keeps as low a profile with Cameron as he has with the BBC.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Sue in the comments I don't have to chase around.  Here it is:

UK democracy failing.  Of EU countries, Germany performs the best at 11th place.  (Repeat:  Eleventh place!)  As far as I can remember from the article I read (which was a British newspaper), the 'UK' is two places above France.  I'm afraid you'll have to google it.
"Britain has long enjoyed the reputation of having have the mother of parliaments, but the British system has some significant flaws, the study says. The problems lie mainly in three key areas: majority representation in parliament, which creates distortion between votes and actual seats in parliament, a media that is skewed by private-sector interests, and declining trust in the police."
The first reason - that  FPTP is to blame - I reject.  FPTP is superior to AV -  an Alternative Vote system would not see any minority Parties winning seats; it would, on last year's GE calculations, see Labour winning more seats.  Imagine if the last GE had been fought on AV - Gordon Brown would have been returned to office and we'd all have much funnier mock-up videos to watch.   Not a fair trade.

The second two points - 'a media that is skewed' - anyone who watches the news programmes on any channel knows this though I could be wrong about ITV (I've never watched it)).  'A declining trust in the police' - and how long have you felt this way Mrs Jones?  Do me a favour.  They're so far behind the times - and this was in 2005.  How undemocratic are we now since the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty?

Apparently Merkel thinks that democracy is "a work in project".  F/tards.  I wonder how much that survey cost to tell us what we already know.  Cameron's Coalition is doing nothing to put things right.  Once freedom is taken away, inch by inch, you have to fight to get it back - the colour of the rosette doesn't matter.

Behind all this, of course, is the fact that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the only 'European' country to have FPTP - all the others have a mix of Proportional Repesentation (not on offer) or Alternative Vote (on offer) or Single Transferable Vote (not on offer).


More reading - why AV is for suckers:
The Guardian

I'm sorry - it seems I've written enough in this update to qualify it for a post in its own right.


  1. As usual, a superb post GV! Also thanks to Sue for that link that I can make use of - and will also link to yours, GV

  2. Help yourself and thank you, Mr W - the more the merrier.


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