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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Read & Weep

Words fail me except to say that all the feckless, useless, oxygen-wasting social workers should be rounded up and put in prison, for life.   It's time that public sector numbnuts like the ones in this article were weeded out and dealt with - appropriately.

"# In October 2008 police were called to intervene during a domestic dispute and found Sutherland drunk. The baby was taken into care and placed with foster parents but returned to his mother nine days later after being placed on a Child In Need plan.
# In January 2009 Alex’s father, Mark Hughes, reported that Sutherland had visited his office with the baby and had been drunk and abusive. Sutherland denied this when a social worker visited her and no further action was taken.
# In March 2009 police were called after an argument erupted between Sutherland and her teenage son and noted ‘alcohol to be a factor.’
# In April 2009 Sutherland attended a review at Alex’s childminder’s home. She was reported to be upset and emotional, dishevelled and smelling of alcohol. This was reported to social workers who visited but took no action.
# In June 2009 social services agreed to take Alex off the Child In Need plan and advised Sutherland to contact the health visitor if she needed further support.
# In July 2009 social services received an anonymous call saying the child was being left unattended - Sutherland denied this when social workers eventually made contact a full week later.
# On August 4 2009 Sutherland attended hospital after being injured in a fight with a relative while holding baby Alex. Nurses smelled alcohol on her and referred Alex to social services. Greater Manchester Police also referred the matter to social services who did not make contact with Sutherland until August 14.
# On October 4 police visited the home and were told of the relatives’ concerns about Sutherland neglecting and drinking around baby Alex. Police referred the matter to social services who met with Sutherland and decided they had no concerns over the baby’s care.
# On Nov 3 a relative made an anonymous call to social services expressing concerns about Sutherland’s erratic mood and the baby’s neglect. A health visitor planned to meet Sutherland two days later but the mother cancelled the appointment and rearranged it for November 12.
# On Nov 6 the caller rang again to report Sutherland had been seen with Alex at her workplace and had smelled of alcohol. There was no record the information was passed to the health visitor.
# On Nov 10 Alex was found dead in front of the gas fire. The cause of death was never established."

UPDATE:  I see they DM has changed the headline and re-arranged the article since I posted this yesterday evening.   The original headline actually used the word "charred".  The child had been strapped into a pushchair in front of a gas fire on full blast.   Make up your own minds as to whether 'Social 'Services in this country are fit for purpose.


  1. If only there'd been a sign that the child was in danger. Just one clue and the social services could have stepped in. But the mother camouflaged it all so well.

    *screams loudly into balled fist*


  2. It's absolutely horrendous, CR. Of course, 'a review was carried out and lessons have been learned', just like all the other reviews for all the other poor children. It makes me sick at heart. Oh, brave new world that has such people in it.

  3. Social Services are between a rock and hard place on this, we would all be up in arms if they kidnapped a child just because hard working mum liked a glass of sherry before dinner once in a while.

  4. Oh banned, they're kidnapping children throughout the country for far less than this. Councils have to keep up their adoption quotas ya know.

    Sorry for the rant GV.

  5. For once, I disagree with you, Banned. They're not between a rock/place - SS whistle-blowers are sanctioned and threatened with dismissal. The alcohol in this case is incidental - my gripe is with poorly-educated social workers who, eg, scam there theses to pass exams and then are promoted way above their competence. They need sifting. I'm not saying there aren't plenty of good ones too but we only hear of the abysmal, as in this pitiful child. No-one in this case has been called to account or taken responsibility - lessons have been learned has been the mantra since 1997 and it doesn't wash.

    SR refers to perfectly decent parents having their children taken away from them and put out for fostering or adoption. The last instance I read about was only a week or so ago where a single mum had to go into hospital for a short while - she still hasn't got her children back. Social services are pathetic and should be dismantled and re-organised, top to bottom.

    It wasn't a rant, SR :-) All that's before we even touch on the theory, conspiracy or otherwise, that there is an elite & influential paedophile ring within international organisations.


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