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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Those Old Gender Equality Bleus

There's no lack of comment in today's papers about Lord Davies of Absersoch's report and the proposal to impose quotas for women at boardroom level but the nearest any of them come to acknowledging EU involvement is a short phrase in the Guardian ... "The effort to improve gender diversity in UK companies is in keeping with Europe-wide action on the issue."

Last September, EC Vice-President & EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said that quotas would at first be voluntary but if targets weren't met then she was prepared to legislate.

An influential quango,  the European Women's Lobby, is a driving force behind the quotas and they say:
Quota systems have been proven to be a success and their effectiveness doesn’t need to be questioned anymore*, they should be a legal obligation.... if we just sit and wait for women to have decisional power we won’t advance, and we won’t change society.
*  Spot the lefty dogma - 'it has been proven - there is no need to question' - pretty much what they said about climate change.

Since the beginning of this year gender equalilty has fallen within the remit of the Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship department under an umbrella known as the Directorate-General for Justice.
The creation of the Directorate-General Justice reflects the new opportunities of the Lisbon Treaty to improve the everyday lives of EU citizens.
 Does anyone recognise these names (click to enlarge):

This government, our 'UK' government, is scared to be open and honest about exactly how deeply we're affected by EU laws and directives.  The EU has a hand in almost everything we do or say and the press collude with government in the pretence that we're still a sovereign nation.  To (mis)quote Gene Hunt: The EU has more fingers in more pies than a leper on a cookery course.

Here's a sample of the kind of informative video the EU pushes at us, at our expense - we're paying for our own hanging.

Here's the September 2010 press release  and here are
the laws. Here is the funding available to 'charities' via our Ministry of Justice (Ken Clarke) from the EU, to implement those laws.


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