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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

14 Months For Swearing At TV

In fairness, the man did breach 27 previous ASBOs so has a bit of form but, really, fourteen months? What's more, he's banned from having any access to television and radio (in his own home) for two and a half years. His crime: swearing at politicians on programmes such as Question Time and upsetting the neighbours.

I think we've all been there to some extent - even I've been told off at times and I'm very mild-mannered, honest. My advice to this ex-sailor with the salty language would be to take up blogging on his release - or better still, begin blogging from inside; it could be a book one day and a money-spinner for him. He'd still despise politicians but at least he could do it from the comfort of a detached house.

Full story here.


  1. It's the 1st March not April!

  2. Well this guy certainly got pinched and punched. 14 months seems very steep to me when you compare it to sentences for other crimes - but I'm not his neighbour. I still think the judge is cracked.

  3. Just how thin are the walls in his flat? I think a few carpets hung thereon might mute the problem. Either that, or teach him to swear sotto voce.

  4. Hi Frances, I think he lived in a semi and, yes, a few thick carpets/wall hangings or, even better, some sound-proofing could have done the job. I mean, jailing a chap for swearing at the tv for the reason the judge gives, it's just ridiculous. Perhaps if we all turned up the volume and began shouting at Andrew Marr & friends the courts would become even more overloaded and the system might collapse :-)


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