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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Budget 2011: Videos

Here's a list of budget announcements from ConHome

Fraser Nelson:
The "total cuts" figure is, oddly, not printed in the Budget. Perhaps because it's so embarrassingly small. After the Autumn Statement, it was 5 per cent over four years. Now it's back to 3.7 per cent over four years: that is to say, total cuts of just 0.9 per cent a year. The Chancellor's cuts are mild — milder than Denis Healey's now-forgotten cuts. Over the next five years, the spending total has risen: in 2014-15, we'll be spending £744 billion, an extra £11 billion. A relatively small figure, but you get the overall direction. Remember this next time Ed Balls talks about "deep and fast" cuts.

BUDGET AT A GLANCE, pinched from the Daily Mail

* Fuel duty cut by 1p per litre from 6pm today
* Fair Fuel Stabiliser introduced

* Personal tax allowance to rise by £630 to £8,105 in April 2012
* Direct tax to be indexed by CPI from April 2012
* Consultation on merging National Insurance and income tax

* £250 million interest-free loans and shared equity scheme for first-time home buyers

* A jump of up to 50 pence on a packet of 20 cigarettes
* The price of a pint of beer increases by up to 10p

* £100 million to help repair potholes on the roads

* Corporation tax will be reduced by 2%, and by 1% in each of the following three years, to bring it to 23%
* £350 million worth of regulation on businesses to be removed
* Rate relief holiday for small businesses extended to October 2012
* Business mileage allowance increased from 40p to 45p

* 21 new enterprise zones to be created
* £100 million extra to be invested in new science centres

* Green Deal to reduce energy bills from next year
* The UK to become the first country in the world to introduce a carbon price floor for the power sector
* New 'green investment bank' to have access to £3 billion of funds

* 24 university technical colleges to be founded
* Extra 40,000 apprenticeships for jobless young people in England

* Plans to switch air passenger duty from passengers to planes have been dropped
* Air passenger duty rise postponed for one year
* The Government will seek to impose the tax on private jets

* Hutton recommendations on public sector pensions accepted
* Single-tier flat-rate state pension to be created, expected to be about £140-a-week

* Gift aid administration to be simplified, especially for small donations
* Inheritance tax discount for charitable donations

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