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Saturday, 26 March 2011

European Union Bill: 2nd Reading HoL

The video below is worth dipping into;  it's the House of Lords' session on Tuesday 22nd March and concerns the 2nd Reading of the European Union Bill.

For those who like the flim-flammery of ancient rite, the video begins at 14.38 with Black Rod and the formal introduction of Lord Glendonbrook to the House.  This is followed by four questions relating to things like the sea-link between the Isles of Scilly and the mainland, and National Insurance contributions.

The EU debate begins at 15.15 with Lord Howells (formerly 'Kim') setting out the government's position on the EU and taking various interesting interventions.   Peers, including Geoffrey Howe, Shirley Williams & Lord Clinton-Davis (@16.45), follow with their own brief speeches. The 'debate' ends at 17.31 after Lord Pearson of Rannoch's speech, so, just a little over two hours was spent on the Bill's 2nd Reading in the Lords.

In contrast to other Peers who had been listened to in courtesy and silence, Lord Pearson (begins 17.09) was heckled, jeered, ridiculed and generally moaned & groaned at. He was subject to numerous interventions and asides, not least from Hannay and Clinton-Davis.

The video is on autoplay with no option to turn it off!

Also available in Hansard

Worth checking out:
Lord Howells: "The son of a Communist lorry driver...Moment of Glory: First protester to breach the police cordon at the demonstration against the Vietnam War outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square in 1968."

Lord Clinton-Davis: "European Commissioner in the Delors Commission 1985-88."   In 1974 he voted for the Abolition of Peerage Bill, "... to provide for the extinction of all titles attaching to peerages; to provide for the cessation on death or statutory renunciation of all hereditary rights to attend as a Member of the House of Lords; and to provide for the appointment of Senators as Members of that House, including the conversion of present life Peers." He was not too against titles though - in 1990 he accepted a Peerage and the Grand Cross of the Order of Leopold 11 of Belgium for "services to the EC". At the same time he changed his name from Stanley Clinton Davis to Stanley Clinton-Davis thereby becoming Baron Clinton-Davis.  He has four 'Honourable' sprogs who also aren't averse to titles.  He is a Privy Counsellor, a former member of the Council of Europe and is listed in Debrett's. Not bad for a Labour lad.

Lord Hannay: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc: Adviser, Frontier Strategy Group  (information services and corporate advice).
Shareholdings: UK Govt 1.25% 2017, UK Govt 5% 2012, Rabobank 4% 2015 (agribusiness), BHP Billiton (mining), Black Rock World Mining Trust, Royal Dutch Shell plc (energy), Weir Group (engineering), Lionheart Investment Fund, Schroder Oriental. [How does one buy shares in "UK Govt"?] "Starting in 1965 and continuing into the early 1970s, he was an official representative of the government in discussions that lead to the UK's 1973 entry into what became the European Union."

UPDATEAlgae more important than jobs .   £160m Falmouth Dock regeneration scheme has been blocked by the EU because of 'rare algae' on the sea-bed.


  1. GV, Quentin Letts suggestion that Kinnock and his ilk had a vested interest in hanging on to their ill gotten pensions from The EU bribery department, makes for interesting reading.

  2. That Lord Hannay's a nasty bastard - a face that could curdle milk.

  3. I think it's widely known that ex-EU employees can have their pensions withdrawn if they speak ill of the EU, ie don't toe the line - they're supposed to promote it even after they've left office. I think Letts has come late to this, OR, of course they have a vested interest. I keep forgetting the msm is way behind bloggers when it comes to EU news.

    True, TT. The look of contempt on his face for Pearson was a clear indication of his character.

  4. The behaviour of those who should know better, while Pearson was speaking, is totally disgraceful to say the least.

    I note the speaker who followed Stoddart spoke of co-operation - so co-operation means loss of self-government? And they are content with that? Methinks they are all paid disciples of NWO?

  5. Yes, they are content, Mr W. Too many EU acolytes have been elevated into our House of Lords by previous Labour and Conservative governments.

    Grrrrr - I don't understand why people don't see it.

    Everything done in the decades since 1972 has been to bring us into alignment with the EU. Now, here we are, and it's almost too late. This 'coalition government' must be the EU's wet-dream.


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