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Monday, 7 March 2011

Former Foreign Sec: I Haven't A Clue

David Miliband admitted yesterday that he was as thick as two proverbial short ones and had no business jetting around the world pretending to be an international statesman, with or without his banana.

I started to watch this interview with Andrew Marr last night on iPlayer but, for some reason, I drifted off during the newspaper review. After watching it this morning, I'm wondering how a man in his position, appointed to one of the most senior offices of state in the previous Labour government, could have no knowledge of the nature of Gaddafi's Libyan regime.

He says it was 'horrific' to discover that Saif al Gaddafi had delivered the Ralph Miliband Memorial Lecture last year at the LSE - pull the other one.  Of course he knew who delivered the lecture and of course he knew the nature of the regime. He's either a lying toad or he was completely clueless about foreign relations - on past performance probably both. Here it is, in case anyone wants to watch it (about 03.00 in):

Part 2

I've already posted about 'Ralph' Miliband so won't go over it all again except to say that the man had no love for this country.


  1. "He's either a lying toad or he was completely clueless about foreign relations"

    Correct on both counts - (a) he's a politician and (b)a Labour politician!

  2. GV he's so cunningly dim that Hillary will have him billeted in some UN/Foundation front pronto. Remember La Clinton loves his banana. YEEEUUUKKK did I actually type those words.

    I'm off for some therapy.

  3. Miliband has been schooled for 'big things'. I wish we could see the last of these people but if they're not giving their opinions on tv/radio panel shows, writing books or appearing in adverts, they're being ushered up to the EU/UN/WTO. It drives me bonkers.


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