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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

High-Speed 2

Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond, announced consultation plans for High-Speed 2 this afternoon (I tuned in but tuned out rather quickly - incredibly boring).  I think the 'consultation' has already been carried out with, to quote Marrakesh Mandy, "the people who matter" and that the concerns of local people, environmentalists and so on will have very little effect on the outcome.

I'm posting this because I can't find any reference in the msm to Hammond's speech and there's no mention over at ConHome either.  I'd like to know whether he mentioned the Trans- European Transport Network and how much funding we're being given to implement the link.

This is from 1996:

Country / region code
600 United Kingdom & Northern Ireland
601 North
602 Yorkshire-Humbershire
603 East Midlands
604 East Anglia
605 South East incl Greater London
606 South-West
607 West Midlands
608 North-West
609 Wales
610 Scotland
611 Northern Ireland

(Click to enlarge)
A new data file has been made available a short time ago, containing information on sea-land related flows described as per origin partner; UK port, UK destination region, UK land mode for imports and per UK origin region, UK land mode, UK port, destination partner, considering 165 UK ports and 66 regions in the UK – NUTS3 level. Only European partners are considered.
Flows from other continents are not included in the data file. Thus, the following approach is has been [sic] considered:
1) Consider NUTS3 zoning system for UK and Northern Ireland regions (66 zones) plus the most important port of the 165 listed in the data file.
2) Estimate the base year 2000 transport demand files at the level described before and include in a similar procedure the intercontinental flows in the total demand data.
3) Make separate freight transport demand model runs for UK and Northern Ireland for 2020 UK corridor scenarios.
4) Produce assignments for road and rail. The domestic and international Channel Tunnel flows have been distributed to the NUTS 3 regions in UK based on the GDP distribution for year 1996, shown in Figure 3.5.
Links galore from the EC

This is from 2009:
(Click to enlarge)

I don't mind if the EU wants an integrated transport policy but I don't like our government under-playing the role the EU has in all this.  They're still not playing straight with us.


  1. GV, of course there is a link between HS2 and TEN_T:


    I'm still looking!

  2. I know there's a link, Mr W. What I'm objecting to is government evasion over this, as with so much else. They need to come clean.

  3. It's all about the money and setting up a road pricing system. Plus the 'spy in the sky' satellite systen.

    "Road Tolls are also seen as a future method of financing the huge £755bn costs of TEN-T"


  4. Thanks Road Hog - the page is having problems loading at the moment so I'll try again later. They've been trying to find a way to introduce continental-style road tolls for a while now - it won't be long.

  5. At the beginning of this blog post link, there is a link to the original article 'Driver's Alliance'.

    Click that if the above one is working for you.


  6. PJC Journal? Good one - it's an excellent blog and is in my sidebar.


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