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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Legal/Lawful & The Bailiffs

I love this guy - "a name is just a name, we're all human beings on the land".  It's a hard life dealing with blind and deaf officialdom especially when they're trying to collect an unpaid parking fine:

I've posted some of his videos before, if you want to see them click on the tag below.

UPDATE: Captain Ranty has just posted more news - go and read the whole thing - fascinating stuff.

As most of you saw Max was arrested Friday and appeared in Court Saturday.

This case was spectacular for TWO Reasons!

1. The Police Seargeant, On Record, In The Court explained how Devon & Cornwall Police and Torquay Magistrates Court are owned and run by a US Subsidiary of IBM called RELIANCE INC. - So .. proof positive that we are dealing with corporations!

2. (And this is the killer) When arrested Max protested that the "Warrant" that the Sergeant "alleged" he had for Max's arrest was not signed and therefore wasn't lawful.


So we now have a precedent that we can quote where we can clearly state and prove that warrants, liability orders and the like MUST BE SIGNED IN WET INK!

A document with no signature ... doesn't count.
I think tptb will be getting really worried at all this FMoTL activity now.


  1. Thanks for the link GV.

    This is important stuff. We all need to know this.

    Look for wet signatures folks!


  2. I think Danny Allen and his friends are doing a good job - he's got the right idea too.

    Me? I'm going to be licking a finger and rubbing it over every signed piece of paperwork I get :-)

  3. I'm a subscriber to Danny's youtube channel - I love this guy.

  4. Agreed, McG. He never loses his rag even when confronted by the most obnoxious jobsworths.


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