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Monday, 28 March 2011

More Deceit About The EU?

Osborne has repeatedly stated that when Darling signed up to the European Financial Stability Mechanism  last May, he had spoken to him and disagreed.   This memo has now come to light in which it seems to be clear that Darling's actions had "cross-party consensus":

The country had no effective government at the time because Labour had been voted out but the Coalition hadn't yet been formed.  However, constitutionally, Ministers remain in place until a new government is formally installed and it was on this basis that Darling went to Brussels and signed on the dotted line.

Cameron has consistently supported Osborne's version of events and did so again this afternoon in the House but this memo throws doubt on their claims.  Cameron says our commitment to the EFSM runs out in 2013 and seems to think we should be grateful for that.  Let's see, first Ireland, next Portugal, Spain isn't looking too clever, neither is Italy, France also has been mentioned - the list of euro-zone countries in possible financial need is growing and a lot can happen in two years.  If Portugal goes then Spain could follow - all well before Britain can begin to dodge the bullets in 2013.

One other point,  Darling has said he signed because the EFSM would have gone through anyway on QMV - in that case, why didn't he just abstain?  He didn't actually have to sign the EFSM agreement at all.

H/t:  PoliticsHome


  1. Have retweeted this post GV and also linked to you as I too was working on this!

  2. Matey on the radio pointed out that, on the basis of this agreement, all of the £7billion saved thus far by savage "cuts" have been pissed away in underwriting Portugals bad debts, makes it all feel so worthwhile.

  3. Who's going to be left to underwrite the UK's debt? China? What f*cking farce. Do you ever get the feeling that all of this is being engineered?

  4. This could severly embarrass Georgie and Davey and pull the rug from under their feet.

  5. Banned, you're right - all the savings made by cutbacks have been spent already. They've also found more money for Gove's replacement EMA scheme & war in Libya- it's almost as if they conjure the extra funds out of thin air!

    Yes, McG - for many years. I refuse to believe that these so-called 'world leaders' could be unintentionally incompetent on such a grand scale. 2011 looks like being the year of the Perfect Storm.

    Let's hope so RoadHog, but it needs to be taken up more widely by the msm for that to happen and I don't see one mention of it yet. Blogs are great for looking at the nitty-gritty & behind headlines but not great for widespread dissemination of news.


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