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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Please Sir...

Well, we all doubted that the initial bail-out to Ireland would be enough. The UK gave a £7bn 'loan' last November in addition to funds already allocated to the IMF and ECB.  (I remember a year or so back, but don't have the time to google the source now, when the IMF said it was running out of contingency money for bailouts, so could countries please contribute what they could, over and above the norm.  Gordon Brown did). A grand total of  £77bn has been made available to Ireland, yet still it isn't enough.

Ireland asks for another 24bn euros as four Banks fail the stress test

We'll all be beggars at this rate. I see little point in paying taxes any more. We're taxed to the hilt; inflation is rising; the so-called 'cuts' haven't even begun to bite, and probably won't if Cameron keeps back-tracking (spending & borrowing is still going up); unemployment is rising and household income has taken it's worst hit for thirty years.

Somewhere along the line, we're being lied to, again, and whether it's the government, the msm, or a 'coalition of the willing', I don't know and care even less.  The Treasury seems to conjure money from thin air - see Gove's replacement for the EMA - and there's always enough money in the coffers for one of those, spur-of-the-moment wars.

I still think there's something nasty going on behind the scenes but the only thing that's clear at the moment is that we're the patsies.  The ring is through our collective noses and we're being led a fine dance.

How could we forget this:
Osborne moved to reassure Tory Eurosceptics today by insisting that a planned £7bn loan to Ireland would be on a bilateral basis and would not set a precedent for British help to other troubled eurozone countries.As Eurosceptic Conservatives prepared to raise their concerns with the chancellor in the Commons this afternoon, Osborne said that Britain was simply preparing to help its closest neighbour in its hour of need.
"Ireland is a friend in need and we are here to help," the chancellor told BBC Radio 4's Today programme ahead of a Commons statement this afternoon.
Osborne's remarks indicate that Britain is hoping to avoid joining any EU bailout of Portugal and Spain, the two most vulnerable eurozone countries after Ireland.
Yes, and Portugal is "one of our oldest allies". I wonder how Osborne will describe Spain? He lied. He must have known about the ESFM, the memo, the "cross-party consensus". To say, "We hope that..." is only diplopoli-speech for 'watch out, here comes a whopper'.

The fact is that many more of us don't believe the lies and evasions coming from No.10 and No.11. They must tell the stark truth to the British people and accept the consequences and the fall-out from decades of government lies about the nature of the European Union.

UPDATE: An MEP spells it out


  1. But they won't tell the truth GV, its not in their nature.

    Their attitude is that its all too complex for us an anyway they are in charge, they know what is needed to solve all our problems.

    Like you I am totally p'd off with all this lying, and obfuscation.

    However on the bright side, just remember their day of reckoning is coming - trust me?

  2. The secretive inner core of the EU is comprised of its commissioners. That the likes of Mrs Kellner, the Kinnocks and Mandleson are/were part of this corrupt cabal, it's little wonder we're in the mire.

  3. Yes, Mr W. History shows us that their day of reckoning will come. No construct like this can last.

    OR, it's amazing how many Britons have worked their way up through the ranks of mediocrity to become a bigwig at Brussels. It's just another step on the career ladder for them.


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