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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

PMQs: Summary/Videos

Miliband's first three questions focused on Libya and our Armed Forces; cuts in front-line services particularly to children's centres (SureStart) took the second three.  He was  flanked by stoney-faced Dougie Alexander and Harriet Harman, forever sitting on her dignity.  Miliband was flushed with embarrassment at times and distinctly uncomfortable.

Most shameful episode:  Labour MPs catcalling and mocking the northern accent of LibDem MP for Burnley, Gordon Birtwhistle.   After mocking Paul Maynard, the Conservative MP for Blackpool North & Cleveleys who has cerebral palsy,  Labour b/benchers are showing themselves as nothing more than bully-boys.
Most striking comparison:  When out of the room and only listening to Cameron's responses to Miliband a sudden & improbable image of Hitler rallying his troops flashed through my mind.  I know it seems far-fetched but there it is - try listening with your eyes closed when I post the videos.   Voice raised and red-faced, Cameron was angry again this week.
The Away-with-the-fairies Award goes to Speaker Bercow who was noticeably slow to intervene on Labour b/benchers at one point and made it difficult for Cameron to continue over their low-key but ongoing mutterings.

Did your MP speak?
Penny Mordaunt, Con, Portsmouth South;  Siobhan McDonagh,  Lab, Mitcham & Mordern,  Mark Pawsey, Con;  Roger Gale, Con, Thanet North;  Stephen Timms, Labour, East Ham; John Glen, Con, Salisbury;  Gregory Campbell, DUP, East Londonderry;  Andrew Jones, Con, Harrogate & Knaresborough;  Sheila Gilmore, Lab, Edinburgh East; Sir Peter Tapsell, Father of the House;  Graham Morris, Lab, Livingston;   Gareth Johnson, Con, Dartmouth; Teresa Pierce, Lab, Erith & Thamesmead;  Stephen Williams, LibDem, Bristol West;  Tom Blenkinsop, Lab, Middlesborough South & East Cleveland;  Philip Hollobone, Con, Kettering; Nigel Dodds, DUP, Westminster Leader;  Mark Lancaster, Con, Milton Keynes North;   Richard Burden, Lab, Birmingham Northfield;  Robert Buckland,  Con, South Swindon;  Rachel Reeves, Lab, Leeds West;  Gordon Birtwhistle, LibDem, Burnley.

Matters raised:
Portsmouth/PFI defence contracts; cuts to Police force;  ex-Ministers who worked for Gaddafi; murder of Bhatti in Pakistan;  misleading statistics for New Deal;  IT in the police force/back office staff;  'deplorable' treatment of our Armed Forces;  inter-school competitions/enterprise; DLA & the welfare bill; Libyans should determine who replaces Gaddafi; children in poverty/warm homes discount scheme;  making it pay to work, not idle;  Pupil Premium/free school meals for immigrants; upgrade of Great Western Railway and jobs in the North-East;  paying 'bribes' to Libya to evacuate Britons;  the Military Covenant and the Royal British Legion;  increased funds for Police in NI & compensation from Libya for victims of IRA;  publication of public sector salaries;  cuts to services in Birmingham;  the cost of petrol;  cuts in Leeds;  contacts with Libyan rebels/protesters.

Followed by an Urgent Question from Shadow Sec of State for Defence Jim Murphy.
Sec of State for Defence Liam Fox then made an Urgent Statement to the House on the Armed Forces and the procedures followed for redundancies.

Videos to follow

In the meantime, take a look at this - illegal immigrants given the right to vote:

And this - illegal immigrants given council houses & benefits:

Cameron - Miliband:

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