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Sunday, 6 March 2011

SAS Unit 'Captured' In Libya

'Captured' by Opposition forces.  Currently being held in a military prison in Benghazi together with the diplomat they were escorting.
 "The Sunday Times said they were there to establish diplomatic relations with the opposition movement."
Given that they were taken by the people they went in to meet, the headline seems rather sensationalist but I still think it's too soon for talk of 'diplomatic relations'.   Whoever thought that sending armed British intervention into Libya was a good idea should be sacked - Libyans on both sides have made it clear we are not wanted.  Cameron!


  1. There's something about this development that does not seem quite right. Things are way too fluid to be drawing any conclusions.

  2. The Libyans have said they don't want it, the British people have said they don't want it - yet it goes ahead anyway. The picture is far from clear and the media announcing SAS readiness 24hrs earlier couldn't have helped. As you say, "it don't make sense."


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