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Friday, 25 March 2011

Sod's Law

It must be.  Two days after I posted a link to download "Inside Job" from Pirate Bay the site's gone down (probably heavy usage but that would be extraordinary) and I find this report in  TechRadar, which gives an update on govt plans on file-sharing sites:

A collaborative initiative between a number of British internet service providers is currently looking at ways to block Brits from downloading copyrighted material for free via The Pirate Bay and a number of other file-sharing websites.  Around 100 file-sharing and cyberlocker sites are on the hit-list of those websites that rights holders in the music and film industries want UK ISPs to block...

...Meanwhile, BT and TalkTalk, two of the UK's leading ISPs, are in the High Court this week in an attempt to overturn the government's controversial Digital Economy Act, which they claim is in breach of European privacy and human rights legislation. 

Rights holders clearly feel that site blocking would be faster and more effective than the failing system of sending out mass notification letters to alleged copyright thieves.
They call it theft, I call it  censorship.  There are already plans in hand to block porn sites, add file-sharing websites and the government creates a precedent for asking ISPs to block whatever it deems unfit for the public at large to use/see.  Control of the internet takes a step closer.

UPDATEThe problems are being fixed, no ETA for when the The Pirate Bay will return.

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