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Saturday, 5 March 2011

A UKIP Roar At Last?

Following Thursday's trouncing of the LibDems in Barnsley by the UKIP candidate, Nigel Farage has said they will use their success as a springboard to bigger and better things.  I really, really hope so; it's about time we heard this Party roar in Britain, not just in the EP.

Farage aims to make UKIP the third largest Party by 2015 and so become, at last, a viable Opposition.  I was disappointed last year when UKIP didn't have more of a breakthrough in the GE - I'd pretty much convinced myself that they would overtake the LibDems and win a seat or three, but, alas...I was too premature.  Something has to be done to break the communitarian strangle-hold the Lib/Lab/Cons have on our politics.

'The EU is no longer an academic debate because it's affecting people in their everyday lives: it is now discussed by families at their dinner table.  The Lib Dems are no longer the voice of opposition in British Politics - we are. Between now and the next general election our aim is to replace them as the third party in British politics.'


  1. '...Between now and the next general election our aim is to replace them as the third party in British politics.'

    I don't think this is sufficiently ambitious. Having come 2nd in the EP elections they should aim at 2nd in the next GE.

  2. Sean, if they pulled out all the stops and had the media airtime I think they could do it too. The last time I saw Farage was a cple of weeks ago on Q/Time - the panel managed to make him look like a one-issue joker. I don't think it would hurt him here to become more adversarial - he does it in Brussels. Other representatives of the Party also need more airtime. Something has to be done to break the deadlock of Lib/lab/con - as a country we're going nowhere except into the arms of the EU at the moment.

  3. Nigel is just too polite when he goes on that rotten programme, GV, it's time for him to give as good as he gets on there and tell Dumblebore and whichever Lefty apparchik MP is on the panel to STFU while he's speaking! Michael Gove was able to get Dumblebore to clam up just by saying "David" very loudly and disapprovingly when he tried his usual interruption tactics.

    I hope that by the time the next GE comes round, people won't make the mistake of voting for sCameron's "Tories" again or, if they do, the best iDave will be able to achieve is a coalition with UKIP and be forced into implementing some conservative policies.

  4. Hi Spidey. I can't believe all these people who say they'll vote Labour next time round! Surely they haven't forgotten everything Blair/Brown did.

    About NF - yes, he comes across as trying to be liked - he smiles too much, which seems a weird thing to say. It makes me think he's a very nice chap but would he make a good PM? Equal airtime and more grit needed.

    As for 'conservative policies' - it seems Conservative policy to get us further into the EU - I can't say I'm happy with that (as you've probably noticed).


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