"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


(Pic shows two for the price of one)

This is the 'Help!  Is there a Monty Python in the house?' edition. It's yet another bloody interminable round-up of why we're in the state we're in. It's just the links instead of the wordy quotes this week - these snippets of info tend to be the things that aren't reported by the msm.   Enjoy!

Firstly, two things that did make it into the msm -  Mary Ellen Synon"Barroso, Ashton, Clegg:  What Libya really, really, doesn't need now."

Irish Independent  "The snag for Fine Gael and Labour is that the IMF and EU insisted on last month's cut to the minimum wage. What happens next will be a good indication of how powerful the next government believes itself to be."  Come on Ireland - who's the Dadda?

Here's the rest, gird your loins:

Open Europe has more on the ECJ's insurance ruling and what it really means.  Good reading.
Some Ministers still do resign.  Personally, I think she was sacked  to take the heat off Sarkozy & Fillon.   Maybe they should all 'resign'.
Telling half the tale.  EU visa restrictions for Turkey to be eased after Turkey agrees to do more to take back illegals.  Tell me how that works then - take them back, give them a visa and then let them through?
From one champion of human rights to another.  Erdogan keeps his Al-Gadaffi Prize for Human Rights. 
Handbags at dawn.  Erdogan says Germans are xenophobic and the German government is guilty of discrimination *.
Ooh! Scarey.  Journalist gets replica gun past EP security.  Apparently the journalist was "very close" to Prince Charles.  Make up your own jokes.
Capping transfer fees on the cards  "I am shocked by the recent transfer of Fernando Torres," says Androulla, the slender, flashing-eyed brunette who is the EC Sport Commissioner.  So are we - we thought his "commitment and loyalty" lay with Liverpool.
"The ruling gave the stain again" That's what you get when google translates Polish.  "In Brussels do not fall asleep in a dumpster without adequate regulation".  Essentially, Poland is already being fined 40k euros per day for not meeting recycling targets and the fine will rise to 250k euros each day if they don't get their European house in order soon.  They're also complaining about having as many as nine bins per household - so you see, we're not alone in sucking up this garbage.
Guess who will foot the bill for "green" transport.  User pays/polluter pays = fare increases all round.
How best to help North Africa?  The EU knows - shower it with money and call it the South Mediterranean.  A re-branding always does the trick - at least it did for Blair and Cameron.
What they said last week "...the message we have to send to these countries and to the young people is that we are with them in their fight for human dignity, human rights and democracy.  This is an historic moment and we have to be on the right side of history. This is a [once in a] lifetime opportunity to assist those who are pursuing freedom, justice, democracy and human rights," said former Maoist & current Opportunist, Barroso.
China evacuated 'EU citizens'.
The Irish have more in common with the Greeks than they thought. The EU Commissioner for Maritime Affairs, slender, flashing-eyed brunette Mk II (they're both Greek to me), Maria Damanaki, talks of 'social degradation' and an alternative policy for economic reform.
A reminder of why Brown f/cked up British pensions.  Once the envy of Europe (c.1997), we're now happily harmonised.  Only the Czechs buck the trend now.
20% unemployment in Spain.  Houses built on sand and corruption.
Agnes Heller denounced as 'a liar'.  Truth/lies, war/peace.  Actually, I'd quite like to see a retrospective law making it a crime for governments to increase national debt.  I'd like to see them prosecuted as criminals ... hmmm... lamp-posts... hanging baskets ... ...
Studies our money is spent on.  Research shows that pollution can shorten life-span by two years.  Feckless idiots.  Stop taxing us so much and let us decide which research projects (and overseas aid) deserve our money.

*  It's interesting to see how the usage of this word has changed over the years.  Discriminate, to me, means having the ability to see difference and make a choice, usually between books, films, tv channels etc.  Now, it just means to see difference between people.  We should not only be taking back our flag, we should be taking back our language too.  Words you can't say lead to thoughts you can't think.

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