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Friday, 1 April 2011

Barnet's Own Blackshirts

I was discussing the latest BBW post with one of my sons this morning. It seems that, since 2006, Barnet Council have employed a private security firm to cover any "emergencies" in council meetings. The company went into liquidation at the beginning of this month and owes £250k in unpaid taxes but it seems to have re-grouped under a different name and is still being employed by Barnet.

From the Ham&High:
MetPro’s Kevin Sharkey, who is listed as secretary of MetPro Rapid Response at Companies House, even turned up to a small residents’ forum in a security car with blacked out windows and red lights flashing and boasted of filming residents and monitoring blog and twitter activity at the March 1 full council meeting.

Adam, a local resident heard the boasts of Mr Sharkey. He said: “He was boasting about how much good they have done for Barnet Council and how they give them a discount.

“He said that all of his orders came from the powers that be at the council and he was simply carrying out orders. He claimed all his officers were wearing hidden cameras during the council meeting, which is why he knows nothing out of order occurred, and he also has been monitoring the blogs, and indeed Twitter, live during the meeting.”

When questioned by the Ham&High Mr Sharkey confirmed that his employees regularly used hidden, body-worn CCTV cameras to ‘‘amass evidence’’.

He said: “As standard procedure we carry body-worn CCTV cameras that record sight and sound. The purpose of the cameras, like all CCTV, is the purpose of assisting crime prevention.”
Barnet Councillors don't seem to object to cctv cameras in any form, unless it's a resident doing the filming.  Here's something from 28th Feb this year:

Perhaps Barnet councillors didn't receive this letter from Bob Neil, PUSS at the DCLG, dated 23 Feb.

And here's footage of residents being denied access to the meeting on 1st March:

With thanks to RogTex for the videos.

The proposals that locals are so concerned about at the moment are lack of public consultation on budgetary cuts and the controversial Pinkham Way incinerator to the extent that activists are telephoning local businesses drumming up support against the latter.  My son was sent the above footage at his office.  His verdict?  "Fascists".  I wonder if this will re-ignite his interest in pushing back against tptb.

To avoid doubt, Barnet is a Conservative-led Council.  A Band-D property pays £1423.02 in Council Tax.  They are cutting £54m from the budget but failed to collect £3.9m last year and they had cash reserves of almost £50m in 08/09:


  1. I did wonder where the MiB had gone GV.Until very recently they could usually be found parked up just off Totteridge Lane at the old library site. Or at their other usual haunt in East Barnet awaiting the Batcall. Seemed like a nice enough bunch of lads when I bumped into them last summer at St Andrew's school fete. If a tad muscle bound.

    Leaving unpaid taxes is standard business practice in UKplc, just make sure the liquidation is voluntary so you don't get drummed out the IoD. That is why the Easyjet borough is such a thriving, immigrant infested hub of larceny. A kind of OXO Ukplc. Ergo the useless STASI council and its useless (homo)genocidal officers. You don't want to be old and/or infirm in this borough with its robocare.

  2. Hi Incoming, I had a look at their website - not people I'd want to tangle with! It's ridiculous that they're employed by Barnet to eject 'trouble-making' rate-payers at Council meetings. It's also a huge waste of money - as they sell off land and close libraries they'd be better getting rid of the robocops. I did quite a bit of reading up on Barnet today - not pleasant.


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