"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Cameron's 'Clarification'

There's just a dull sense of inevitability about all this. Cameron has made much of his immigration policy to cut numbers to 'tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands' - I'm sure we all know those words backwards by now. Call it a u-turn, backtrack or clarification, the result is the same.
The PM was asked to confirm on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme whether the 'tens of thousands' figure was an aim rather than a policy because it was not mentioned in the coalition agreement.
He said: 'I'm not arguing with you about that.  There are a series of policies - I believe if those policies are put in place, we'll get back to the levels of immigration we had in the '80s and '90s, which is tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands.'
Officially, there are already 62m+ people living in the UK excluding illegals who've disappeared into the black economy.  Rough estimates indicate that within twenty years the population will be over the 70m mark.  Within 40/50 years the English, who have been most affected by immigration, will be a minority in England.  This isn't immigration; it's colonisation and it's been deliberate government policy.

UK population map & the most overcrowded cities

UPDATE: See THIS.  Foreign nationals can stand for election to local councils courtesy of the EU. The people of Boston, Lincolnshire are now able to vote for Polish, Lithuanian and Portuguese nationals. Fortunately, there's a good sprinkling of UKIP, English Democrats and Independents for them to choose from too so let's hope they've seen the Lib/Lab/Con con for what it is.


  1. Agree with all you say GV.

    I have to say the picture of lamp posts is a mark of genius!

  2. Subtlety is my middle name, Mr W!

  3. Cameron is a liar pure and simple. When he talks of reducing immigration to tens of thousands he is talking about "net" immigration. I keep reading that since 2001 Britain has "welcomed" 2.5 million immigrants in the last ten years. But that's "net" immigrants. The real number is closer to six million. Net figures are derived by subtracting the numbers leaving (white flight) from those (colonists) arriving. As the government estimates those leaving to be around 450,000 then net migration is around 150,000. So if this number were halved to say 75,000 Cameron could claim success.

    That wouldn't change the fact that real immigration was still around 525,000. In a purely mechanistic sense this is all very rational. If 450,000 leave and 600,000 come in then you've only added 150,000 people to the population. But that assumes that there is no difference between 450,000 English people and 450,000 Pakistanis which is, apparently, what the rulers of the UK believe.

    When did loyalty to one's countrymen get so debased that it now more resembles treachery.

  4. Yes, you're right to point that out, McG. What's happening, as anyone can see who pays attention, is that those Brits who meet entry criteria for, say Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, are leaving us and being replaced by foreign nationals who are then free to claim British citizenship as a right.

    The Lib/Lab/Con con has shown there is no loyalty to the people, that only member states exist - not nation states, and that treachery & betrayal have replaced honour & integrity in political life.

    I suppose that sounds a bit ott, but it's true. I worry that before too long we'll be hearing the 'R' word on the streets. The politicians are to blame for any action resulting from their deliberate policies.

  5. No wonder people are leaving. It's a dreadful place to live. A country where the government cares more about bombing other people than it does about its own. A country where your school minister has to cut school buildings but the prime minister gives 3/4 million pounds to Pakistan, which is in turn buying submarines from China.

    Everything is more expensive, smaller, nastier and less well organised than its equivalent on the continent. It’s a bloody wonder anyone lives in England.

    Our country however, has a declining population, and many are old. We need clever, well educated young people to come here.

    And no, we don't want the English. Even the best education money can buy and the best degree money can buy has produced a PM who's as thick as sh*t; if that's the top, we really don't want any of the rest.

  6. Spoken like a true Scot, Tris :-) We had to put up with Blair and Brown though but I take your point. Somehow I think it's gone past the point of no return here.

    Btw - what happened to Labour's plans to pay immigrants to move to Scotland in order to thin it out a bit down here? Did anything ever come of that?

  7. Every Conservative manifesto pledge is being kicked into the long grass to please the 'I won't play with you anymore if I can't get my own way' Limp Dems.Their policies on immigration and Europe couldn't be more different than the Tories and yet it seems Cameron is doing all the appeasing to please the Limp Dems who couldn't be more out of touch with the people of this country. This is an insult to the people of England who overwhelmingly voted for the Conservatives last May and because of Blair's grotesque asymmetrical devolution act, England's wishes were overturned and we have ended up with this useless coalition. Another reason Mr. Cameron, as if we need one, that England must have it's parliament

  8. Hi Jools, the LibDems blame the Cons and the Cons blame the LibDems, meanwhile no-one gets what they thought they voted for and the country slides further down the 'progressive' pan. I think the outcome of last year's GE was decided before we even voted.

    The partial devolution of the UK was part of the EU's regionalisation policy for England- divide and rule. Cameron said he'd abolish the RDAs, which he has, but he's just reconstituted them under a different name. To press for an English Parliament while still being subjugated to the EU is just playing into their hands. We need to get out of the EU first (or simultaneously).

    The country's institutions are riddled with Common Purpose/Agenda 21 freaks and I doubt we'll ever be completely free of them.

  9. If we are to save ourselves we'll have to be rather more outspoken (and active) and resolute than that, which is shot through with the pox of multiculturalism and surrender.

    We're 'nice' and we dislike intemperate language and unrestrained behaviour lest our friends and neighbours think us 'infra dig' but the days when we could parade our reticence as a sign of genteel superiority are long gone. We are deep in the mire and we must understand that the time has come again to get our hands dirty if we are to dig ourselves out of it, whether or not our country, which is England, has changed for ever.

    As an aside: The video might have had more focus had those taking part in it decided on the problems of the 'U'K, Britain or England as its object, rather than seeming at times to use those descriptions synonymously.

    Simple analogies work best with the man in the street, not endless eloquent warnings from well educated, well spoken beneficiaries of public largesse, who seem to the unemployed working man to be part of the problem. Simple image: An open honey pot smothered with flies. Simple solution: Put the lid on, and don't worry about the flies that are crushed or starved by doing so. There is no need for all the waffle.

    Should you disdain to dirty your hands recall the words of the First War poem about the man who was too particular to shit in the common latrine in the sight of others.

    Time is running out, fast.

  10. Hi GV....

    I dunno what happened to that idea. Probably fell flat on its silly backside like most of the rest of his plans. He really is/was a complete loonie....

    It's true though that England has a problem with immigration, thanks in no small part to Labour (and the fact that people haven’t integrated, and in some cases haven’t been able to integrate.. but of course it does go back farther than that.

    It is a kind of comeuppance for the colonisation of THEIR countries, and of course the fact that after the 2nd World War, when we had a terrible shortage of men, due to them having been slaughtered in a war against (ironically) fascism, we had to beg men from the Empire to come and drive our busses, work in our factories and man our hospitals.

    Now most of the doctors one sees even in Scottish hospitals are from “the Empire”. If they left tomorrow, we would all die from lack of medical treatment.

    Still and all, as I say immigration became a HUGE problem when Blair (who was English, but went to Fettes, maybe because it’s actually better than Eton, but maybe because his father was working in Edinburgh) and that dick wit Brown were in charge. It is possible that they thought that the immigrants would all vote labour. It may have happened like that in England; it certainly backfired in Scotland. Vast numbers of them are SNP!!

    Love the blog btw...very fresh looking!

  11. There was no shortage of men, terrible or otherwise, and colonial subjects were only too happy to come here, without any need for begging. The problem was that those men, and their women, who were in plentiful supply were disinclined to be treated like shit as their fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers etc etc etc had been, and sought better paid unionised jobs in what were then the recently expanded new industries, all now long since gone. The solution was to bring in cheaper labour from the newly created Commonwealth, not the recently deceased Empire, which suited those working to several disparate agendas.

    You are an ill-informed half-wit and I claim my free Colly Kibber.

  12. Silly me, I should have directed my comment to tris and added 'Anglophobic Scotch' between ill-informed and half-wit.

    Blair is Scotch, which accounts for his venality and incompetence.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. On reflection, I withdraw the last comment, on the basis that I have no desire to bandy words with you Mr Gruff.

  15. LMFAO!

    Aye, right, as they say 'en yure nairk o' the wudes'.


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