"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 4 April 2011


Going in search of a joke I came across the perfect candidate in the form of an article by Nick Clegg and Ian Duncan-Smith. I've rarely read such misguided drivel, well, at least not since the Parties published their election manifestos last year. It begins and ends with meaningless twaddle: "Fairness is one of the founding values of the coalition government,"... "We are absolutely clear about our goals, and clear about what we mean by a fair society: one in which nobody is left behind, and everyone has a chance to get ahead." For good measure they throw in, "It is not about social engineering," somewhere in the middle.  I could almost believe that Blair and Brown are still in government.

I was going to have a bit of a rant along the lines of 'stop taxing us so much then you muppets and let us decide how and where we spend our money'  with a bit of education and manufacturing thrown in when I saw a comment from someone calling themselves 'OldMaid'.  I hope he/she won't mind if I reproduce part here:
“Fairness”? I wonder the word doesn’t stick in your throats.

People work and you think over half of their income should be taken off them by the State?

Do either of you lose half of your income?

I do have every sympathy for families, but so many politicians’ ideas are somewhat peripheral. Can you only see one thing at a time and at short distances?...

... You make the noises, but you are not very good at 'joined-up thinking' or even considering the ‘law of unintended consequences.

What possessed you to force through your paternity laws, without considering the state of the economy and the plethora of ridiculous bureaucratic red-tape, petty H&S rules. The list is endless.  And you wonder why businesses are relocating to another country or why there are so few jobs available?

And why in heavens name do you think we need more immigrants when your own figures evidence there isn’t even enough jobs for the people already here?

Surely, you know immigrants who have no jobs claim benefits and this is a drain on the National purse? Have you ever thought that is why there is not enough to tackle to the growing poverty in this country?

How and in what way you think the spiteful little policy above can reduce poverty, escapes me.

Cameron prates about the need for foreign aid because there are people "living on less than a dollar a day", yet the above policy is designed in such a way that people through no fault of their own, are expected to live on nothing!

Address the policies that cause, or even exacerbate poverty.  You can start with ensuring all our taxes staying in this country, instead of being given away on politicians pet foreign projects. The EU would be a good start."
You can't say fairer than that and I think it just about covers it.  If Clegg & IDS ever read the comments (since I started this post there are some more crackers now) they'll be left with no illusions about how their 'plan' is being received and, with a bit of luck, they might even have a re-think.


  1. As ever, nice post GV and well spotted re the comment quoted!

    Hear hear to both your post and the comment!

  2. "everyone has a chance to get ahead"

    Everyones a winner baby that's the truth; oops sorry, that was Hot Chocolate.

  3. Jeez, I hope you're not holding your breath. I doubt they're even bothering to read the comments.

    I have days when I just have to stop thinking about politics or I swear I will start banging my head against a wall.

    Of course this concept is called "Socialism". It's all very well when the donor countries are rich. I don't think anybody begrudges helping those in need but we are being sucked dry by a bunch of vampiric parasites like the EU and this Government, my first thought is "Survival of the fittest"...

  4. Thank you, Mr W.

    When we can't tell the difference between speeches from Labour and those from the Lib/Con, we know we're in trouble, Banned!

    :-) No, I'm not holding my breath, Sue - I'd have been a gonner long since if I waited for govt policy to actually change. I know what you mean - I don't know how some of them keep it up - that's why I sometimes post music or jokes. When I post those you know I'm truly ticked off :-)

    The whole world seems to be socialism mad - or at least communitarianism/third way mad. Cameron's no better and I despise everything Clegg stands for.

  5. It's difficult when you are simply NOT A BLOODY SOCIALIST!


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