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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

EHCR: Prisoners WILL Have The Vote

The government has lost the appeal to the HCHR on votes for prisoners despite overwhelming opposition from the British Parliament and the people. There are roughly 4,000 compensation claims pending in the EHCR and the Grand Chamber has ruled that these will go forward if Britain doesn't take action within six months. Compensation pay-outs to murderers, rapists and thieves are likely to be in the region of £150m.

It seems the ECHR didn't even bother to hear all of the government's appeal . Dominic Raab MP said, "It is shocking arrogance for the Strasbourg Court to dismiss the legitimate concerns of Britain's elected lawmakers without even listening to the arguments. Britain must stand firm against this growing abuse of power by unaccountable judges."

Cameron has said that Britain 'must reluctantly comply'. However, the Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger has already stated that domestic courts would not interfere if Parliament rejected the decision. He said that if the Government chose to ignore a Strasbourg ruling there would be "nothing objectionable" in British law.  Unfortunately, while British courts might back up the sovereignty of the British Parliament and refuse to award compensation payments to prisoners, European courts will not.  The government must now decide whether to restrict the category of prisoners eligible and, if so, which ones.

Composition of the ECHR
Nicolas Dusan Bratza. Vice-President and British representative.

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