"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Has Sanity Returned?

How strange the country has been over the past thirty-six hours, as if an unseen hand had parted the clouds to give us a glimpse of a parallel universe where Union Jacks, Cinderella coaches and trees in Westminster Abbey were the quiet eye of a storm. Even the Guardian and the Independent ran a series of photos; there was just no getting away from it. And all the time I watched those flags flying and the people cheering, I was thinking, "Up yours, republicans; up yours Blair; up yours Delors."

A few years ago I was complaining that the north of England had been turned into a theme park - all those grassed-over collieries and derelict steel works turned into Robin Hood adventure playgrounds... you've never had it so good! Look at all the leisure time you have now that you no longer have to go to work 5/6 days a week, you lucky peasants. Well, the whole country is a theme park now and, let's face it, nobody does it better.

The new EU directive on the regulation of herbal medicine came into force today to protect those idiots who don't know how to use them and to line the pockets of BigPharma (every little helps). Apparently it's all because 13% of people who have used herbal products over the past two years did so thinking they were completely safe because herbs are natural - have they never heard of Foxglove, Aconite or Deadly Nightshade? I used to grow my own and make my own; the best advice is to read, read and read again before brewing up a concoction. I always tried it out on myself first and I'm still here with no discernible side-effects - well, grouchiness perhaps but that comes to us all sooner or later.

There's to be a vote on strike action at tomorrow's NAHT Conference in Brighton. If it's approved then all schools in England & Wales will be affected and guess what they're striking about? A crap curriculum? Lack of resources? Poor quality teacher-training? No - they'll be striking about their pensions.

The teachers aren't the only ones contemplating strike action, the RMT is threatening strike action on the tube. Bob Crow calls it a "massive vote for action" on the part of the drivers but MP Dominic Raab points out that it's only 29%. Raab has a ten-minute rule bill before the House proposing that in any election there should be a quorum. If only the HoC hadn't ruled out the amendment to the AV Referendum Bill we may not now be faced with AV being foisted on the entire UK by a minority of the electorate. I'm coming round to the idea that voting should be mandatory or that there should be a minimum turnout of 51%. You can see why the amendment was voted out, can't you.

I'd like to think that the government and UKBA has preparations for this well in hand. They can't say they haven't had enough time - it's been on the cards since before Christmas. They aren't political refugees, they're economic migrants. I sometimes think the best thing to do would be to say, 'okay then, come on over, have the country and we'll have yours'. All the Brits can then take with them everything they have, including their brains, and park up in North Africa and the refugees of the world can have this scepter'd isle. We'll make another blessed plot.

I feel like throwing up whenever I see Nick Clegg. Devolution has brought benefits to "the four home nations", he says. B@st@rd. England has no representation of its own and devolution has brought no benefits to us. I don't feel sorry for this slimy, two-faced, yellow-tied euro-creep in the slightest. He's got what he wanted - a nice career through the EU ladder, catapulted into the LibDems and a coalition government in Britain. I hope he rots - preferably somewhere abroad.

A cheer for UKIP: Trapped in an anti-democratic economic prison Watch as Farage is jeered.

That's enough for the moment - I need an easy entry back into real life :-)

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