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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Nick Dyer. Who He?

Nick Dyer is a Senior Civil Servant and Director of Policy at the DfID. Mr Dyer answers to a Mr Michael Anderson who is the Director-General of Policy & Global Ish-yews at the DfID. They, in turn, answer to Mr Mark Lowcock who is the Acting Permanent Secretary at the DfID who, I presume, then answers to the Conservative MP who was elected by his constituents last May and subsequently promoted to be Secretary of State for International Development. Step forward from behind the curtain and take a bow please, Mr Andrew Mitchell.

Thanks to a tweet from Sue at Muffled Vociferation I came across THIS blog about the UN's latest on climate change and a link to the forty members of the Transitional Committee which has been set up by the UN to "design the Green Climate Fund". The names have been submitted by "Chairs, Coordinators and Bureau members".   The GCF is "the new institution which will manage long-term finance mobilised to enable developing countries to address climate change."

All of this takes us back to Mr Nick Dyer.    About three quarters of the way down the page you'll see Mr Dyer is the UK's designated representative on the Transitional Committee. No wonder he advised the government to "improve efforts on climate change".

This is a photo of Dyer (on the right) being very attentive at the Agenda 2010 conference last year.

Cameron called for savings to be made in all departments - I suggest he takes a long hard look at the structure of the Civil Service and gets rid of some of these good-for-nothing policy wonks.

Who's Who at the DfID


  1. Damn fine post GV and good detective work!

  2. Thanks Mr W. Have to admit he took some tracking down but I think it proves the point that these Civil Service wallahs pretty much run the show, not Ministers, not our elected representatives. Representative democratic govt becomes ever more remote.

  3. Interesting information. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the public via this site. I hope folks will contact their elected representatives and express their concerns about this political "power grab" under the guise of protecting the environment. You might also be interested in seeing my blog. Keep up the good work exposing corruption in government and the E.U.'s collectivist agenda.

  4. Hi BNAF and welcome to the club. Many people think the UN's climate change agenda is a money and poower grab but the majority just aren't aware of it. People have enough to do raising their families, keeping their jobs and homes and don't have a lot of time to look beyond the headlines. One day, it will all come out.


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