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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Old Nazi Law Resurrected In Holland

I thought my eyes were deceiving me this morning but I've done a bit of googling and apparently they're not.

According to THIS press release, the EU, in the form of EuroJust (an *EU-wide "judicial co-operation body"), wants to expand its buildings in The Hague but to do this an entire residential area will need to be demolished .  The only law that enables them to do this is a hangover from German Nazi occupation during WW2 and, despite the fact that all Nazi laws were supposed to be repealed after the war, "Alderman Marjolein de Jong (D66) of the city of the Hague is now proposing that the Nazi law is still well and alive"

I know nothing about Dutch politics and even less about their local politics so I googled for back-up and found this recent  Dutch news report which I've run through Google translate.
According to state residents in this easement in 1912 in nearby villas only be built and no tall buildings.  But according to the lawyers, the German occupying the validity of the document in the Second World War in 1940 because it eliminated a tank ditch moored. Green Left opposition parties, SP and the Hague Stadspartij find it odd that legislation has changed during the war by the Germans now legitimized.
I wonder how many other hidden laws are waiting in the wings to be invoked whenever people disagree with tptb.  Mind you, with the Lisbon Treaty and our own RIPA and the CCA, they can pretty much do what they want anyway.  If the fall of the euro ever comes, and with it the EU, we can expect them to be implemented in full.

*About EuroJust: "Since the enlargement, Eurojust has been very active in working towards signing cooperation agreements allowing the exchange of judicial information and personal data. Agreements were concluded with Europol, OLAF, CEPOL, the European Judicial Training Network, UNODC, Iber-RED, Iceland, Romania, Norway, the USA, Croatia, Switzerland, and fYROM. Liaison Prosecutors from Norway, the USA and Croatia are permanently based at Eurojust. In addition to cooperation agreements, Eurojust also maintains a network of contact points worldwide."


  1. Makes perfect senses since The EU gets ever more Nazi like in its draconian Commission.

  2. I would expect much more of this. They're probably stockpiling stylish new pink triangles.

  3. It makes sense the E.U. is what some former Nazis refer to as the Forth Reich

  4. I knew it! The Nazis lost the military war, but not the economic one, and are still, sadly running europe.

  5. I couldn't believe it, OR - I had to check and dble-check the story but, sadly, it looks as though it's true. It's only at a very local level in the Hague at the moment but I hope news spreads.

    Hi Nickie - what can I say - yellow is so last century dahlink. If I have to go out, let me be wearing pink ;-)

    Trestin, over here most eurosceptics refer to it as the 4th Reich. It's our British stiff upper lip and soh that gets us through!

    Anon - I wish you'd taken the time to think of a name. However, what you've said is certainly a 'conspiracy theory' on the wider nutjob boards. Personally, having seen Common Purpose in action, I wouldn't be surprised at anything these days. I don't know why I was shocked at this news but I was.

  6. Not to mention that they are abusing this old Nazi law so they can destroy a lovely area with historical villas that should be protected.

  7. Well, I hope the news spreads far and wide, Anon, (are you the same 'anon'?) and the residents gain a lot of support in their fight. It's outrageous.


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