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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

'She's Not Gonna Take It'

The Pastor Jones koran-burning incident is having repercussions in America too. After hearing a Republican Senator talk of rolling back the First Amendment and freedom of speech in order to not offend Muslims, the woman below made her own video for YouTube.

In the first part she neatly dissects the Senator's comments so that if he were to hear her he'd feel like a naughty little boy who should be ashamed of himself. In the second she reads from pages of the Koran, bookmarked with bacon, before tearing them out and burning them.

As I watched it I felt a quite a pang of regret that we in this country have already allowed our freedom of speech and freedom of thought to be 'rolled back' in order not to offend others, intentional or not. We've already reached the stage where if something is perceived as offensive, even by an uninvolved or remote third party (eg via tv), it is offensive.

H/t: Gates of Vienna


  1. Blow up 3000 men women and babies, build a Mosque as a reminder. rail against the encroachment of this intolerable and unforgiving, misogynistic creed, change the Constitution. madness so beloved of The EU. Peace at any price again.

  2. We have lost a lot of it hear too. Just watch what happens to people that speak out against the gay agenda.

  3. Let's proclaim April 5th "Burn a Koran Day".

  4. It is madness, OR - it has Agenda 21, Common Purpose and Frankfurt School written all over it.

    The only thing you could loosely call a gay agenda here Tres, is found in some education departments and that all comes from the top anyway. I'm all for live and let live. If no-one hurts me and mine then I don't hurt them.

    Do I detect a facetious note there, McG? No-one's saying koran-burning is the way to go but we do need to fight back in some way against the constant gagging by government - this video just happened to be this woman's means of expression.

    Free speech is something we should all strongly defend - although, perversely, I'm all for kicking out of the country any Muslims who shout abuse at our Armed Forces.

  5. "Do I detect a facetious note there, McG?" Not at all. I would support such a measure for two reasons:

    1. It would demonstrate to the Islamic population that we in the West hold freedom of expression as a fundamental principle and will not tolerate any infringement or limitation of this right.

    2. Islam is a dangerous, totalitarian ideology that should be rejected in toto and burning the Koran is symbolic of this rejection.

  6. I know you're in Canada but imagine if we, in the UK, decided to hold a koran-burning day. We'd never hear the end of it :-) Still, when push comes to shove, I've got two copies - one for me and one for my neighbour.


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