"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Round-up

This week's soundtrack:

There's a heck of a lot of interesting snippets in this morning's Sundays so it's just lots and lots of links and no comments:

Independent on Sunday
Anarchy and air raid sirens in Greece
Tony Hayward to work for Nat Rothschild
40% LibDem voters desert
The Observer/Guardian
Greeks press for default on debt
MPs never stop whingeing
Armed Chinese police confront Tibetan monks
Tax breaks for drinks industry makes white cider cheaper 
Daily/Sunday Telegraph
Libyan dissident speaks out over Yvonne Fletcher shooting
Two horses die in Scottish National
Man faces sack for having Christian cross in his van
Muslim Council of Britain says no debate on face veil - it's a 'religious obligation'
Proposal to offer 'shyness' drugs on NHS
Catholic Church says Cameron's Big Society 'has no teeth'*
No more 'Best Before' dates
Mail on Sunday
Olympics Union Flag made in France and becomes a square
Inland Revenue demanding money with menaces
Cable to share AV platform with Miliband
Birmingham Cathedral bans photos of child choir
Liam Fox given extra protection following 'terror attack fears'
Named: Council bosses who refuse to accept pay freeze
Peter Hitchens:  No-one believes Cameron
DANGER! WARNING! Fresh calls for a new Bill of Rights from Geoffrey Robertson QC, the man who holds dual British/Australian citizenship and wanted to prosecute the Pope.
Sunday Express
Anjem Choudary's brother was awarded £1m+ government contracts despite further terrorist links
He owns Best Training Solutions Ltd, which has been awarded seven years of Government funding to deliver Learn Direct IT training in London.
Yazdani hired Al Muhajiroun supporter Shah-Jalal Hussain, 28, who was jailed for two years in 2008 for trying to raise funds for overseas terrorists, to carry out work for Best Training.
Last year, Yazdani Choudary set up Master Printers Ltd on the ground floor above the CIS.
Over a period of weeks, the Sunday Express watched Anjem Choudary going in and out, as well as supporters including Muslims Against Crusades spokesman Asad Ullah and Shah Jalal Hussain.
Yazdani refused to answer our questions about graphic designer Hussain, or whether Master Printers produces leaflets or websites for groups involving Anjem.
Hussain rang us to complain we were “sabotaging” his business and warned: “Rot in hell or embrace Islam.”
Anjem Choudary said he was “too busy” to talk about the CIS.
Nuclear submarine secrets mistakenly released on internet
*This is a comment on the DT's Catholic Church/Big Society article.  It comes from a poster called Any Old Iron
"There are over 400 pages in the Localism Bill. There are 9 pages of EU Fines written in the Localism Bill. Fines to be paid by the NEW Local Organisations.  Here are just a few-for goodness sake wake up to what is happening to your Country by EU laws put through by the Political Parties YOU elected.

Part 2
30 EU Fines. Power to require local or public authorities to make payments in respect of certain EU financial sanctions.

(1) In this part “EU financial sanction” means a lump sum or penalty payment (or both) imposed after the commencement of this Part by the Court of Justice of the European Union under Article 260 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

(2) A Minister of the Crown may require a local or public authority to make a payment of an amount determined by the Minister in respect of any EU financial sanction imposed on the United Kingdom.

(3) The requirement to make a payment under this Part must be imposed by an EU financial sanction notice under section 32 given by the Minister to the Authority concerned after complying with the requirements of section 31.

(4) The Secretary of State must publish (and may from time to time revise and republish) a statement of policy with respect to the imposition of requirements to make payments under this Part and the determination of the amount of the sums required to be paid.

(5) In deciding how to exercise functions under this Part in relation to an EU financial sanction imposed on the United Kingdom the Minister must have regard to the statement of policy most recently published at the time when the EU financial sanction was imposed.

(6) If an EU financial sanction notice is registered in accordance with rules of court of any practice direction, it is enforceable in the same manner as an order of the High Court.
32 EU financial sanction notices

(1) A Minister of the Crown may give an EU financial sanction notice to a local or public authority in relation to an EU financial sanction imposed on the United Kingdom only if the Minister is satisfied that acts of the authority caused or contributed to the infraction of EU law for which that financial sanction was imposed.
(2) An EU financial sanction notice must—
(a) specify the amount required to be paid by the authority,
(b) specify the EU financial sanction to which the notice relates,
(c) specify any act of the authority which is regarded as having caused or contributed to the infraction of EU law for which that financial sanction was imposed;
(d) set out the Minister’s reasons---
(i) for requiring the authority to make a payment in respect of the financial sanction, and
(ii) for specifying the amount required to be paid,
(e) specify how and to whom the payment must be made, and
(f) specify the period within which the payment is required to be made.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Blazing Cat Fur, here's an afternoon article: Taliban-esque thugs impose Sharia-esque law in East London. Police Chief says, 'we are saddened'. But he's probably not as saddened as the gays and women who've been threatened with Allah's punishment.


  1. GV, the link to the Localism Bill isn't working I would love to have read it.

  2. Sorry BJ - my fault, it wasn't a link I just highlighted it in the wrong colour. My latest post has the links.


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