"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Too Much Information

It's been another exploding head day here in Muswell Hill Mansions, not least because I intended to do another WHEDFU and now it looks as if I'll have neither the time nor the patience.  EU policies are coming thick and fast and it's difficult to keep up with them let alone all the 'attractions' of Twitter as well.

Twitter is in a 140-word world of its own. I tweet or re-tweet things I think will be interesting so that they show up in the sidebar but I'm not sure it's worth it really since I find it distracts me from blogging and takes me away from reading other bloggers' stuff, which is what I really enjoy.  Since I began this post there are now another 65 tweets on my timeline - whoops! make that 79.

This is probably the best from what I've gleaned today:
From Robert Peston, "If true, very serious." In response to a tweet from zero-hedge, "Portugal banks said they have virtually no more margin to buy country's government debt."
I'd say that was worrying.

I have a build-up of news that I haven't blogged about but should have done, so, once again, I'm taking the lazy option and putting a series of links, for the record. I'll try my best to make it not too boring but can't promise - I'm way behind.

The Total Real Cost of EU Membership. If you have time to read only one, make it this & then you'll understand why successive governments have been oh so reluctant to do a cost/benefits analysis.  Send it on to your MP and ask them what they're going to do about it; tell them about the People's Pledge.

"The stuff of fantasy"  But it's my fantasy if the EU should ever gain a mandate: "proportional representation buttressed by lots of direct democracy, from party primaries to frequent referendums and Citizens’ Assemblies." You can see where we're going, can't you, with all this constitutional tinkering that's going on at the moment at Westminster? All this "localism" touted by Cameron & Co is just so we can slip-slide unwittingly into the EU's jigsaw. We're probably the last piece of the puzzle - you know, the one with the curled-up corner and wonky edge that has to be hammered into place by a fist.

Britain's nuclear future in confusion.  Conflicting reports from the press.  Huhne's at it again.  The only thing I know for sure is that if Britain does have a nuclear future it will be dependent on state-subsidised foreign companies.

Good news: the Libertarian Party's website has had a makeover - it's much better and more readable. 10/10 for professionalism.  Here they have an article about the Bribery Act 2010, which, like most legislation these days, is loosely-worded and has far-reaching implications aka you belong to the state.

In Parliament this afternoon there was an emergency question on the status of four former Royal Marines who have been held in Eritrea since Christmas Eve.  It seems the FCO can't even get someone to answer a telephone at the other end, never mind send in consular representation.  In the meantime, no-one knows what's become of these hostages.  Henry Bellingham, the FCO Minister taking questions, said not to worry because the FCO has called on the EU, the UN and the AU. Henry did find time for this  though.  ( I'm probably being unfair; it was no doubt one of his PUSSies who sent the message).

EU has it's own Shadow European Council.

Europe's 'History since 1946' Museum not going according to plan.  Have you ever felt like a character out of Colditz?

EU/IMF "inspection officials" are back in Ireland & Greece.  I wonder how it feels to be an occupied country again.

By the way, it's been confirmed that the Lisbon Treaty will be 'tweaked' in order to avoid referenda.  They've got some nerve but then they're so remote - who knows if they change Treaties retrospectively?

Confirmation that London council-tax payers will pay the EU fine

This, again  Legal and fiscal status for EU Parties.  Cockroaches.

'Roma' integration policy explained  No doubt Mike Gapes would approve and give them the vote.

What's happened to France?   I mean apart from Sarkozy boosting his electoral chances.  UN and France in the Ivory Coast - I can't remember the last time the French were called 'gung ho' - 1066 perhaps?  Even then their leader was a bastard.

Here are some non-EU related links:

I don't believe it.  It can't possibly be true that 20% of Britons believe Blackadder was real.  Who carried out the survey and on whom?
What is it with Lefties & violence?  Depiction of Osborne with a slashed throat.
I bet this was a EuPrat-funded project
According to Select Committees: UK should have known better than to sell arms to Libya.  How many of these 'select committee members' were in government at the time of the arms sales and how many objected?  Hypocrites.
UKIP calling Scotland  A report of the manifesto as set out in Edinburgh today.
And this, the piece de la resistance, (pemf): pre-birth genetic screening .  I think not.  EUgenics is a distant dream.

And that's it; I've just deleted many bookmarks because they're either old, so I'm assuming you already know, or they seem unnecessarily petty, eg French showcase planes or Hahn advises 'Regions' to spend, spend, spend.

I'm sorry that it's another long post but blame Twitter and the msm; I watch the headlines zoom past and before you know it, I'm thinking of stocking up on tinned fruit and veg and taking up knitting by candlelight instead.

In the meantime, I'm going to do something completely vacuous and check out feet-nibbling again to see if anyone has opened up in North London.  The nearest is currently in the West End, which, as we all know from Cameron's Localism Bill, is awfully infra dig.


  1. "feet nibbling"? Enlighten me please?

  2. Mr W - from a post that took me ages to put together, can you really only ask about my feet? (It's the little fish who tickle as they nibble - garra rufa fish. Two a penny and cheap at half the price in Spain but here they're as scarce as hens' teeth.)

  3. But Blackadder SHOULD have been real. He was great. Baldric was our favourite, though. It was quite a shock seeing Baldric leading us through a rather thorough historical understanding of historical weather (dare I say climate?) change and the effect on the civilizations of the day.

  4. Agreed, Baldric is a lovable character - unlike Labour Luvvie Tony Robinson. The findings don't say much for the IQ of the average Brit though :-(

  5. GV Barnet Spires. Hadn't ben there for months if not longer. As I walked past the emporium gagging for a bag of chips, I saw the word "FISH", I thought I'd struck gold. It wasn't until I was at the entrance I realised that it was a tootsie knibbling gaff. Watta mistakea to makea!!

  6. PS I think one of Celente's blogs was doing a Groupon for the little blighters today.


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