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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Surgeon On 'Gardening Leave'

David Nunn, the senior Orthopaedic Surgeon who ordered Cameron's PR circus out of his ward last week, has gone missing. Apparently he's on gardening leave.
"I asked the registrar where he was and he said Mr Nunn was on gardening leave and had been reprimanded for what he did last week. So the very best knee and hip man in London has been suspended, in effect, for telling the people with the Prime Minister to roll up their sleeves and remove their ties because they were not hygienic. And now the rest of the NHS is suffering."
The story is that the Ward Sister had exempted journalists and camera crew from the usual hygiene rules but Mr Nunn had been unaware of this. It's unclear whether the decision is Mr Nunn's or the Hospital Trust's.

I think this is back to front: if anyone should be on gardening leave it's the Ward Sister who arbitrarily set aside rules meant to safeguard patients in order to accommodate Cameron & Clegg's Flying Circus.

Watch the incident once again:

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